The ones behind all (terror) attacks from 2015 to 2018

Imagine, that on May 22, 2017, I warned authorities that, according to something I saw on my screen, I was thinking that a terror attack will occur soon. This attack occurred, with the Manchester Arena bombing, on May 22, 2017.

Imagine, that I got the same signal on my screen, for London, on June 03, 2017, for Las Vegas, on October 1st, for Kabul, Paris, Brussels… 60 times since May 22, 2017, that’s my story; total almost 2000 deaths, from the terror.

This is my real 10 years story, the one of two men very close running on opposite sides of terrorism.

One is working within/for the State Terrorism and he is involved in the 9 11. I have the MP3 about this. There is me, who work in the counter-terrorism because the first one made everything that I was the one to track him… but above all, to receive from him, later, the unique evidence in the world, about the State Terrorism operations in and from the Western countries.

I think that today, we are at the end of the story.

It’s since May 22, 2017 (Manchester bombing attack), that my web server records like a radio signal, all operations operated by this Terror governmental Organization, around the world.  You know very well this organization. It’s GLADIO.

I don’t like to add a letter. I have MP3, with a former member of GLADIO (2014) and him, also, he doesn’t like to add a letter. For him, it’s the same organization, through the years.

Since the 90’s this organization is headed by the guy, I’m talking above. He is the one to have decided, I know why but I don’t know when exactly, between 2013 and 2016, that I will be the one to receive the GLADIO’s leak. I mean this signal matching with all terror attacks, but not only…

At the beginning of this story and because, of this signal, I have warned the authorities of 5 terror attacks, even if I did not know the exact time (usually in 1-2h before the attack), neither the place of the attack. After the signal was recorded, on my server, minute by minute during the attacks. So, I could not warn them anymore, but the attacks were signed at the very minute when they occurred.  

So, this signal is recorded on my web server continuously, and this signal is the signature of about 60 GLADIO operations around the world since May 22, 2017. This includes all terror attacks in Europe. Not one terror attack, falsely claimed by ISIS/DAESH, or failed, or not claimed at all, has been really done by ISIS. I have the evidence of it and it includes all attacks since January 2015.

To these terror attacks, you can add some massive shootings in the USA (Las Vegas of course, but also, Texas and Tehama in California), the murder of the Journalist in Malta, Daphne, and the hijacking of the Argentina submarine, but also, all the Skripal case, minute by minute from March 01 to March 14, the fire, burning 41 kids in the Winter Cherry mall in Russia, the chemical attacks in Syria and two big attacks in Kabul (Hotel and ambulance).

On the last weeks, all the next events are linked to my attempts to warn the world. There are 6 plane crashes or major plane incidents (Algeria, 2 times the Southwest, 3 C-130 cargo planes, 1 Russian fighter plane…), 2 terror attacks against the U.N. force, and all terror attacks in Afghanistan, including the one against the journalists (it’s reprisals attack from the Gladio leak, because a video journalist changed her mind to interview me. She was scared.), the one in Tripoli… Now, on May 5, 1 PM UTC, I see that a large attack is preparing somewhere. Maybe Toronto again. I warned Toronto police already.

I have the records of all these operations, and so, the evidence that they have been orchestrated by GLADIO.

The guy heading GLADIO wants today that I blow up this story and the records. I don’t have direct contact with him. Only this signal, but I know, it’s coming from him. He is probably the worst terrorist in the world and he is not Muslim, but he wants that the population in the Western countries, know the truth… before he will have to operate massive chemical attacks in the Western Countries… very soon, I think.

My story in English: 40p. (until the Skripal Case)

My video in English 25 min:

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