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The proverbial "Line in the Sand"...


The proverbial "Line in the Sand"...

Use whatever cliche you need: that crossroad that will not be crossed; a ‘situation’ totally out of control that cannot be tolerated (FUBAR); or the end point. Anyway you slice or dice it, we are now there.

Ponder this thought. OUR Government takes more money from it’s citizens than any other ONE source. This same ‘government’ spends more money on everything else but US.



Last Month it was a million bikers with hardly any publicity. This month it is Truckers, and next Month ‘people protesting mainstream media: We have been splintered into minute 'interest groups', who each divide up the issues they are personally interested in and overlook all the others that they don't resonate with. Divide and conquer, just like the Romans perfected.

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It is time to all join with the truckers, in a show of solidarity! The MSM will do what they can to marginalize the action, but they can't if we ALL join in. Think of it as a parade. We all come out to support the truckers and add our 2 cents to the mix. The main issue is "Government Gone Wild".

Run these thoughts up your brainstem and see if they make any sense to you.

1 The US Government no longer cares what its people think or want.

We are their cash cows, literally and figuratively. Take this Obamacare thing: $7800.00/year for a family of four has been bandied about as a figure. “We the People” are united against it and THEY “are having a hard time deciding”, deciding what? WE ARE THE DECIDERS, not them, acting “In loco parentis”! Obviously, they have their own agenda and are not listening to us.

2. Even though it is mentioned in the Constitution, there is no formal way to petition for ‘redress’.

We have ‘offices’ and DDS forms for every other issue, except grievances. Apparently, either that part of the Constitution was the first one to be ignored out of existence, or was never intended to ever be honored by anyone in government from the beginning. In any case, the government has rules and specifications and forms for almost everything else but listening to what we have to say. Last month when we tried to express our wishes, they just shut off the phones.

We can get better results with the truckers, they seem to be listening and are willing to DO something, and can; if we give them our support. How about 'sponsoring' a truck? If we chipped in gas money, maybe they would consent to doing a NASCAR type sponsorship on their trucks, like for $50.00 put up a 5' banner on their truck with your favorite 'cause'?

3. The ‘Supreme court’ has dropped the ball on ‘defending the Constitution’ and no other group is willing to touch it.

The irony is that if we raise any objections we have to pay for them twice, both as individuals to initiate the process, and collectively to pay for the government to defend itself. And that is only if they deem the issue something they can easily decide or defend.

Of course there could be a dark horse in this race. It would seem that the NSA has outdone J. Edgar Hoover and his boys in collecting information on everyone. If that history is any lesson, probably everyone in a position to do anything constructive is being blackmailed into inaction or worse.

4. There is no other way to get our points across at this time, but by civil demonstrations, and with all the military equipment being given to "Law Enforcement" that option will soon be severely limited. We need to support these truckers!

We have tried writing, calling, petitioning, visiting their offices, testifying before legislatures, going to meetings, organizing groups, standing in the streets and even camping out in cities all to no avail. The 'ballot box' is not an option, as it has been taken over by black boxes that spit out any results that they have been programed to do. Not only that, but as we have seen in the last elections they ignore anyone with a different perspective, from the 2 chosen ones that they offer.

So demonstrate we must, before it is too late. We need to get the points across that: We're mad as Hell, and we aren't going to take it anymore! Sure, no two people have the same issues with the government, and no ones' platform is going to be exactly the same as yours, but let's not be too particular at this stage. We need to get their attention, and that of MSM too. Make this one a wake-up call.

It would seem that the purpose of a civil demonstration it to let the people in our government know that they are completely out of line, and it is time to change their direction. It is time to unify on just this one thought: “Something is rotten in Denmark” so to speak, and since the government has no will to examine their present course as it affects “We, the People’ then it is time to make a change in the government.

We have been taught (by ALL of the crime shows and law enforcement dramas) on TV and in books, about a few general principles. We need to apply them to the situation we are now in.

  1. Crimes start out small, and if the criminals are not apprehended right away and brought to justice, the crimes will escalate. Today shoplifting, tomorrow burglary, then soon comes murder and mayhem.
  1. “Lifers” take control of all the crimes in prisons (after all, they have nothing to lose) and must be consulted for ‘permission’ on anything that falls under their realm of control. They stay in power until they die or are killed.
  1. Don’t make waves. Sure the present system has its faults but it has always been that way, and besides it is the best one that we’ve got. It could be worse. Play along, get along and you too can be rich. (right...)

In summation: The system is broken, and out of control.

We have no options or leaders in place willing or able to change direction. 


How hard is it for you to put a placard in the window of your cars on Oct 11 - 13 saying to the effect: I Support the Truckers? If EVERYONE were to do that we could get a message up front and centered.

We need to start to purge the detritus out of the present system, it will not leave of its own accord. (Note: NO ONE has been jailed or punished, to speak of) Perhaps the truckers have the right idea. If we start to impeach Obama, perhaps he'll give up the names of his henchmen to save his own skin? Maybe all of the politicians will run for the COG bunkers they built with our money? This seems to be the right time to find out.

Steven Wright has a good take on it. He said: "The other day I took out a book on suicide. While I was reading it, it gave me a paper cut... It's a start". We need to start someplace!


credit for this blog goes to Craig Denega:: >  

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