The Russians and the UN are here. MUST SEE !!!!

Just a heads up. Take the info for what it is worth. I have personal contacts who has confirmed this. Sorry I will not say anything more than that.

The More disturbing INTEL that has hit the wire in the past couple of days is the report of large numbers of foreign troops arriving at a large naval base in San Diego, California. This report came at dusk on Wednesday May 19, 2010.

Navy vessels were spotted unloading extremely large numbers of UN and Russian troops and Equipment. They disembarked the vessels as it was still light out in plain sight. Mostly Russian troops.

Up until recently this was not confirmed, but merely rumor of a report from an undisclosed military source. Kudos to the Intel Hub!

AS OF TONIGHT MAY 24, 2010……..We here at SENTINEL COMMAND have been able to actually CONFIRM this report to be true, by means of an On-The-Ground This is extremely important INTEL because there have been reports that U.S. Secretary Napolitano had previously requested 3 to 4 brigades of troops from the
Russian government to specifically assist in the quelling of domestic civil unrest by U.S. Citizens. This was done by the Obama Administration

More info can be found here...

Dear sir, I can validate this being that I am on the west coast. Not only San Diego, but also Walker, Ca.(the marine mountain warfare training center) and Turloch, Ca. WE have been seeing hundreds of Russian and French Special Forces units in this area and not to mention military truckloads of equipment and supplies heading in both directions. What concerns me the most is when I see these guys and ask what their mission is here, I get the same responce every time, "we are training for a peace keeping mission." It wouldn't bother me if in fact they were training to go elsewhere, but I can't believe this is the case when I see Trains passing through Reno, NV with hundreds of tanks, Hummers, and transport vehicles. These trains are not heading for the coast for deployment, they are headed inland to these bases. The situation is not only concerning myself, but also many of my friends who are still on active duty in the Marine corps. Even my ex-senior officer does not know anything about why and what they are doing here. However, lately alot of people in this area have been taking civilian contractor jobs north of Reno close to Susanville, CA working on a facility that resembles a very large prison/city, and being payed through FEMA. This worries me because our own military is getting spoked by what is going on and the extreme secrecy of it all. Stay wired tight, NVPATRIOT

Thousands of UN Vehicles are being stored at an Airport in Florida.


Of course take this with a grain assault. If you have contacts in San Diego I suggest doing your own homework.

I post very rarely anymore. However if you research my past postings I said last year foreign troops would be used here.

If anyone is stationed in San Diego or knows someone that is please ask them to see if they can confirm this as well.

Impeccable timing that
this was released today as well.

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