The Truth About Iraq and Afghanistan - Episode One: For Those Who Would Judge Me

Not a drum was heard, nor a funeral note, As his corpse to the ramparts we hurried; Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot O'er the grave where our hero we buried.

Veterans reveal the truth about Iraq and Afghanistan in a six-part web series by David Zeiger, Director of Sir! No Sir!, and Bestor Cram & Mike Majoros, Directors of Unfinished Symphony

March 13, 2008: As hundreds of veterans and over a thousand supporters gather just outside Washington, DC for three days of testimony, the pressure is high and questions intense. How is the testimony verified? What will people think of veterans and soldiers for being here? What good will this do? Without hesitation Geoff Millard (US Army National Guard), Steve Mortillo (US Army), and Adam Kokesh (US Marine Corps) respond to “those who would judge me” with a clear purpose and their chilling stories.

This is Where We Take Our Stand - The Series

Where’s the debate?

Are we watching passively while Barack Obama carries out the same policies as George W. Bush?

When an American bombing raid this May killed over two hundred civilians in a village in Afghanistan, it was met with a deafening silence. When Obama’s promised “withdrawal” from Iraq leaves 130,000 troops there for at least two more years and 50,000 permanently, it’s hailed as an end to the occupation. And who is demanding to know just what the mission really is when 30,000 more troops are sent to Afghanistan?

Where’s the debate?

In March of 2008, two hundred and fifty veterans and active duty soldiers marked the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by gathering in Washington, DC, to testify from their own experience about the nature of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. It was chilling, horrifying, and challenging for all who witnessed it. Against tremendous odds, they brought the voices of the veterans themselves into the debate. That was then.

This is now. Today, we present to you This is Where We Take Our Stand, the inside story of those three days and the courageous men and women who testified. And we present this story today, told in six episodes, because we believe it is as relevant now as it was one year ago. Maybe more.

Here is our challenge to you: Watch the series; spread it far and wide; and ask yourself is this about the past, or the present and future. Then add your voice.

If you are a veteran or active duty, present your own testimony. If you are not, but you are still a living, breathing member of the human race, then do whatever you can to join and fan the flames of debate.

David Zeiger, Director of Sir! No Sir!

Bestor Cram, Director of Unfinished Symphony
For Those Who Would Judge Me

from Displaced Films.

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Comment by youhavetoforgiveme on December 1, 2009 at 3:10pm
Want to stop the wars? Watch the series...and spread the word about what our boys are REALLY doing "over there"-- not because they want to or even should "do what they are told"-- because they want to stay alive like the rest of us!!!

So here I sit...especially after watching these videos...and I wonder....why are we over there? Really? Why are we there?

Money? No...they have more than they could ever spend and what they don't have, they know that what they don't have yet, they will have soon enough anyway.

Oil? No...they have more than enough of that and before the oil runs out, they will have the resources to invent better than fossil fuels after they've finished their evil plans....

Democracy? Gimmee a break, will ya? They don't want democracy-- they want a world dictatorship with themselves in the highest place(es).

They want a meat grinder to kill our youngest and most able defenders who can best stop them before they take our guns and finish what they started!!!

As a side note...any atrocities (innocent civilian deaths) are so much the better....they prevent the elite from having to kill them too!

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