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Originally posted by Karma Yeshe.


Ken Cousins on the Republic for the united States of America


Hello OV'ers,


In the last few years, while the NWO has been struggling to turn our world into an open-air prison, and you into an indebted slave (and your children), a Chief Justice by the Name of Ken Cousens has been quietly leading a growing group of American citizens, in all 50 States, to reestablish a proper dejour government of the people, it is a powerful legal remedy, as allowed by the US Constitution, which states (among other things, that) ...


"If any form of government becomes destructive (of civil rights and happiness), it is the right of the people to order or abolish it, and to institute new government". 


Last March saw a great victory when a Grand Jury was formed.  This year, a congress has been established, state governors elected, the state of California has been legally ratified, and much more.  There are changes afoot, (but you won't hear about it on the corporate-controlled media).  This movement is for real.  If even a few percent of the population joins it, we could re-inhabit our Republic in a heartbeat.


I encourage you to watch this video and spread it to all your groups.  If you live in the USA, I encourage you to join this movement.  By the power of civil observance of Constitutional Law, the current defacto government can be re-bonded to Constitutional authority, meaning WE, us, the People!!  There are only a few thousand people who control the current system, they are few and we are many.  


The current situation must be remedied before the NWO negates Constitution Law by enacting FEMA!!  If we allow them to do that, we are lost, and so are our children:


read the website:



much love,


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Comment by Charles Magus on March 31, 2011 at 6:11am

That is good to know Nikki!! 


We have to go forward with stuff like this!  This is the only way we will be rid of the parasitic Vermin known as the elite.  There is nothing elite about them.

Comment by Nikki on March 30, 2011 at 9:53pm
Thanks, Charles.  I'm already familiar with Chelene Nightingale, she ran for governor of California and didn't do too bad for a third party candidate.


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