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About all this radiation; could it have a purpose?

We can all agree (except perhaps for that pesky 1%) that Politics as usual is not benefiting anyone but the vested interests. What is even more puzzling is what is being ignored, and for what reasons. There don’t seem to be any logical answers, nor precedents set, in Politics as usual. It is possible that some answers can be found in the realm of science fiction! After all, it is beginning to seem that we are living through several episodes of The Twilight Zone.

For example, there is a classic episode of the TZ called

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                                                         “To Serve Man


 This one is a classic: must watch. No one knows if Rod Serling was thinking FEMA camps when he wrote it, but they should definitely fit in with the existing plot, as would GMOs and vaccinations, (Flavor enhancers?) in case Hollywood wants to do a re-make, but I digress.  


The Political BUZZ Question of this Month is:

WHY are the nations of the World not only unconcerned about radiation, but actually seem to delight in irradiating the landscapes, wherever?

This is a political question, because no individual (literally) can touch it. No corporation would ever want to.

But why are governments dropping radioactive doo doo everywhere they go? It has to be intentional. Maybe there are some things that we’re not being told?    


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Comment by suzie on December 9, 2013 at 10:56am

There are a lot of real good links in the article 

what did Rod Serling know ??


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