Trump's Full Ukraine Telephone Call Transcript

Warning - Adult Content Only - 18+ Only. Trapped in a Masonic World took the author over three years to research and write the approximate 360,000 words in this thought provoking mega sized book; that’s quite possibly to be ranked among one of the most controversial and disturbing books ever to be written on the subject Freemasonry, Religion and the Occult as you have to bear in mind it’s all true and not a case of fiction. Many major publishers refused to publish the book on the grounds that it could be detrimental to their business, a statement that seems to reflect how provocative this book really is.

The book is not intended to be a definitive or authoritative guide to the world of Freemasonry, religion, the occult, secret societies, fraternities and other oath-swearing groups or similar organisations that may-well follow a “Luciferian path”, have Wiccan beliefs or are into the occult in general, though the author does their best to extensively cover all these matters and topics.

They wish for the reader to sit well back and enjoy this most disturbing of reads of how far and wide the tentacles of the Freemasons truly are spread all around the globe and why you’ll find an ‘Obelisk’ in every major capital in the world and perhaps even in your local village or town.

They hope they have been able to have achieved highlighting the fact and showing you how prevalent and vast the Masonic network of secret societies really are alongside its kindergarten Alpha, Delta, Kappa Greek-system of collegiate fraternal organisations together with the various business or social clubs such a Rotary, Dining Clubs, Gentleman Clubs and other kinds of fraternities and sororities that quite often have their own secret initiation ceremonies involving oath swearing rituals and with a pledge system in place. - Whereas the initiate swears under oath - total allegiance to the fraternity and before all other obligations and vows to keep to this such pledge and until the day he or she dies. The author questions; what really takes place in Congress, USA and the House of Parliament in the UK, where they have for their own convenience Masonic Lodges such as the Welcome Lodge, that are situated in the heart of government. So on public display we see the so called political parties in “opposition” to one-another, yet the majority of all politicians are Freemasons as well which clearly doesn’t bode well if these same politicians have to swear under oath - total allegiance to the fraternity and before all other obligations - is why the author sees all non-Mason’s; being trapped in a Masonic world.

The initiate Freemason takes a series of blood-oaths and promises not to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry that he will then learn that; “Upon having his throat cut from ear to ear” if he dare reveals the secrets of the Brotherhood. Blood-oaths such as this are sworn upon entering the 1st [Entered Apprentice] and 2nd [Fellow Craft] Degrees respectively. The higher the degree the more gruesome the oaths can be. It’s following the swearing of such blood-oaths and making such pledges that these sorts of Frat-heads do that they in-turn then become appointed “Common Purpose” kind of people and form part of the internal structures of all our central and local governments in general and worldwide.

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Comment by James Roberts on September 25, 2019 at 3:20pm

Thanks for posting.

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