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UWS fully supports the upcoming Truckers Strike Oct 11-13-15th and encourages not only Americans to participate, but to take it global!!! Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why??Prepare ahead of time, and know that even though it will be uncomfortable, it will be better than waiting for the next false flag and letting them steal our money through the taxes we're forced to pay, which do NOT go toward our infrastructure, but to fund government sanctioned murder,  the privately owned federal reserve and our demise.
Not only here in America are we lied to and stolen from, but in EVERY part of the world the UN is in, and since our government is the military arm of the nwo, we've got an obligation to wash the blood from our hands. Let us stand in Solidarity, all around the world, and pull ourselves and our resources out....after all, we're called Human Resources....so let's see just how far they can get without US!!!
Consider the upcoming drills concerning power outages. Make preparations for this is HUGE and when the grid goes down, what will YOU do?
Use whatever means you can to make sure you've got at least a month, if not 3, 6, 12,18 months or more worth of food, water, power, and protection gear. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and know that as things heat up politically, all we can really count on is OURSELVES! The government will NOT save US, they are the biggest threat to OUR EXISTENCE! Look at the fracking, deforestation, the money, the lies, agenda 21, the corruption, foreign troops here, and government sanctioned murder, which is immoral and illogical. It is time to awaken.
On another note, my guest 9/25/13 on Charlie McGrath's "Wide Awake News" and "Karen's Korner" will be Pamala Oslie of http://lifecolorscity.com. She was a featured speaker at an independent TEDx event, and spoke about our "evolving".....are we?  Check it out for yourself, and please join me tomorrow at 9pm GMT, 5pm EST, 2pm PST as we talk about her psychic abilities, her ability to enter alternate dimensions, and what she sees for Our collective future. I am very much looking forward to speaking with her, and finding out how we can access these abilities she believes we all have, and how to move into one of those other dimensions, without the current problems we're facing. Is that even possible, or is this just another distraction to keep us daydreaming and not taking action....tune in and judge for yourself.
Final Thoughts:
Consider that with the current political unrest, military interventions, fraud, continuing nuclear disasters, etc, the threat of an interruption in our lives seems imminent. If the worst happens quickly, if we end up with only a day or week or month before a person in uniform ends our life, or a comet hits, etc,....................how would you want to spend the time you have left? How important is a just over broke job that keeps you from your home? How much can you enjoy being home when you're working overtime and being paid minimum wage? How much do you really understand about what your children are being taught in school?
What would you do if you only had 1 more day?
Have WE been selling Ourselves out for 30 pieces of silver?
Know that those in Syria, Egypt, Benghazi, Iraq, Yemen, Africa, etc, etc, etc, who were murdered by a drone, never had the chance to think about that. We paid for it.
Good Stewards of Ourselves and OUR World..........isn't THIS OUR TRUE JOB? JOY OF BEING!!!
Imagine a world where WE awaken on OUR LAND in OUR HOMES, when WE want!!!
Imagine beginning the day on OUR terms, with OUR FAMILY; OUR GARDEN and land providing ALL WE NEED!
Imagine cooperating with OUR NEIGHBORS as WE begin the job of HEALING & CLEANING OUR WORLD.
Imagine the JOY OF BEING FREE and able to work TOGETHER, as ONE!
OUR Networking Energy, combined as we agree to not harm each other as we own only Ourselves, and there is more than enough to share.
Mother Earth is waiting.


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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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