Unplug the Signal 2011 Project: Engagement of Signal Disruptors

Nathan Janes

Attention: All those who are able to see the TV as the control box and perception manager that it is. You are needed to spread awareness; to challenge others to think outside the box. The establishment media is increasingly manipulating the perception of current events and exploiting tragedies for the benefit of big government and multinational corporations. Our civil liberties are at risk as the interest of corporations are protected over those of the people; the television coerces us into adopting the views and opinions that protect interests that are not our own. It is time to share the Unplug the Signal campaign on a mass scale. By spreading the message and the image of the campaign, we can allow people to take back their minds and turn off their televisions.

The "SIGNAL" is the constant flow of information that is transmitted by the television 24 hours a day. When one continually controls the information, one controls the people absorbing the information. The manufactured and controlled information guides the masses to their conclusions and engineers society. In order to take back our minds, we must first learn to "Unplug the Signal." When you unplug, you may realize the world you're living in is suddenly very unfamiliar to you. You may see that news of no importance is constantly debated and analyzed, and as you listen to the conversations of people around you, you may realize what you hear sounds like robots just repeating what they've heard on the news.

It is time to awaken the general public to the fact that the real battlefield is our minds. Psychological warfare is being waged on the viewers without them even knowing what is happening. We must work together to propagate the "Unplug the Signal" symbol throughout our communities. Let the symbol be seen by curious minds who will look further into the message. Print out the logo and place it in bars, restaurants, and other public spaces; use wheat-paste or make stickers. Hang the symbol up at your place of work. Every effort by each individual adds up to a mass effort that can create real change.

Please download the color and/or the black & white symbol and start spreading the image around your community today. There is a war on for your mind and the battleground is your living room.

A note from the Campaign founder Nathan Janes:

I designed the "Unplug the Signal" campaign to create awareness of the gross manipulation of reality that is broadcast by the six major corporations controlling the content of television. With the average American adult watching more than 4 hours of television each day, the television plays a major role in continually creating the perceived reality in which we live. The television has been used as a weapon of mass deception for the last half a century; it manages society and culture through such techniques as perception management, behavior placement, predictive programming and crisis creation.

People should get involved in this campaign because the television remains our greatest threat to individual sovereignty and the largest obstacle to becoming a truly informed individual. In order to see the real locus of control and look beyond such things as the false left/right paradigm, individuals first need to get beyond the paradigm conditioned by the television. In order for people to wake up, this information needs to be shared between families, friends, and neighbors.

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