Update - Austrian journalist files charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

Ever wonder why there have been no reported cases of the widespread disease and death of pigs from the swine flu even though its claimed that they have been the cause of the swine flu ? Find your answers here

from http://birdflu666.wordpress.com


Evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office inside the United States, is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and a forced vaccination program
to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to WHO, the UN and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico etc).


I. Introduction: Summary of Claims

II. Factual Background

III. Evidence the swine flu vaccines meets the criteria for definition as bioweapons

IV. Scientific evidence the swine flu virus is an artificial (genetically engineered) virus

V. Scientific evidence the swine flu was bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu killer virus of 1918

VI. Genome sequence of the swine flu

VII. Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing 72 kilos of lethal pandemic virus material in Austria, nearly triggering a pandemic this winter

VIII. Evidence Baxter is an element in a covert bioweapons network: Baxter officers

IX. Evidence Baxter has deliberately contaminated drugs

X. Evidence Novartis is using vaccines as bioweapons.

XI. Evidence as to the WHO's role in the bioweapons program: supplier of the bird flu virus to Baxter

XII. Evidence as to deliberate release of the 'swine flu' virus in Mexico

XIII. Evidence as to the involvement of President Obama

XIV. Evidence as to WHO's manipulation of disease data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 in order to seize control of the USA

XV. Evidence as to FDA's role in covering up the bioweapons program

XVI. Evidence as to the Canada's National Microbiology Labs role in the bioweapons program

XVI. Evidence of the involvement of scientists working for the UK's NIBSC, and the CDC in engineering the swine flu

XVII. Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918: a lack of quality control then as now

XVIII. Precedents: the abandoned swine flu mass vaccination program of 1976

XIX. Inadequate performance of the government in stopping the spread of the swine flu as cover for spreading a pandemic: evidence as to lax controls at government labs (Fort Detrick)

XX. Evidence as to manipulation of the legal framework to allow mass vaccination by force

XXII. Constitutional issues: the legality v. illegality of jeopardising the Life, Health and 'Public good' by mass vaccinations

XXI. The issue of immunity and compensation as evidence of intent to commit a crime

XXII. Evidence as to the use of chemtrails for as an element in a larger biological warfare against the target US population

XXIII. Evidence as to the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate

XXIV. Evidence as to the existence of the 'Illuminati' and to a pattern of activities that violate laws on racketeering influenced organised crime

XXV. Evidence of the Illuminati?s involvement in the current collapse of the world's financial system

XXVI. Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in the engineering and release of flu pandemic virus

XXVII. Evidence as to a genocide agenda by means of weaponised flu being discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens from May 14-17, 2009

XXVIII. Evidence as to the profits of pharmaceutical companies in the event of a pandemic

XXIX. Adjuvants: Evidence that the swine flu vaccine is planned to cause harm

XXX. Conclusion

XXXI. Defendants

Evidence of the Use of Pandemic Flu to Depopulate USA

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Comment by Alastair Carnegie on June 30, 2009 at 10:25am
Hello, this is my first comment. I have contacted Baxter, introducing myself as a Royal Military Police Chaplain (I have the honor to serve as chaplain to the Lord High Constable of Scotland). and reminded them of UK Emergency Powers, formulated over four decades ago in the 1960's. I would be improper and a military offence, to disclose details of Army Regualions, if a 'state of emergency' came into force, but just about every contingency has been prepared for, as one might expect. In the unlikely event of a dangerous flu pandemic, it would be normal to investigate the causes of the outbreak, as one might expect, in order to facilitate such an investigation, the military, as one might expect, have powers to detain relevant persona for the purpose of assisting with inquiry. Military Police only have powers of arrest on military property, (unless Marshal Law is declared) so a Civilian Police Constable would naturally be in attendance. In the event marshal law was declared??? very unlikely!!! then the situation can become quite dramatic. It would be necessary to take some people into 'protective custody'. There might even be military jurisprudence as well as jurisdiction? Capital punishment might be reinstated? if only to encourage persons under investigation, to be candid and cooperative. Yes indeed, the UK Military are very well prepared for nearly all contingencies, their duty is to protect the law abiding citizen. They would be dishonourable to neglect that sacred duty! No imposed law or statute can deflect that duty either, such a fabrication would de facto be unlawful. Sleep easy! but remain ever vigilant.
Comment by Harry Thomas on June 27, 2009 at 12:52pm
great post !

"Destroying the New World Order"


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