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This is a new spoken word poem from my album "Welcome To Dajjal" and the album, now finished, shall be available in two months time, I shall blog nearer the time, with the artwork too,  keep the word out there!


Love and Peace to all!





Welcome To Dajjal


From birth

Kafir state cradles the baby

Vaccinates with immuno-suppressants

Dresses them in civil law

And more

Numbered cattle

Decorate paper with another recorded statistic

This is the New World Order

This is the New World Order

Welcome to Dajjal


Born with knowledge

Consciousness willing to awaken, to blossom

We possess the power to disarm

Tyranny of bloodlines that rule and divide

Only to be educated, dumbed down

Academically arrested with useless information

Whilst true education is knowing

That the heart is free


Embrace intuition, not official lies and media hype

Qualifications only seek to imprison us

In the producer consumer process


True wisdom is not of the mind but of the soul

To welcome freedom

We must realise we are in a game, virtual matrix

Robotic slaves in a battle of good against evil

This is the New World Order

This is the New World Order


Police state

Constant fear

Rights no longer our own

Political unrest

War’s devastation

Listen to the bell toll

Last call to exit the fire and walk towards the garden

Paradise is within the self


Repression, their tool

Their peace, our chaos

The elite are a law unto themselves

Immersed in corruption

Masses take for granted their poisonous pill

Taste the deceit


Pay taxes unaware that there is no law recorded

To enforce payment

Usury is abhorrent


On websites

CIA governed

Through microchips

Everyone is under salute of destruction

A bar code


Through FEMA

Concentration camps

Mass graves await

Through HAARP

Devastated Earth

Cataclysms beyond what the heart can fathom


Through subliminal symbolism

Predictive programming

Allegorical television death

1984 whispers through the screen

Are you awake enough to hear it?

Room 101 extends it’s invitation


Individuality screams

Consciousness tired of dream state

United yet?





There is no division

We are equal

The Georgia Guidestones hide in plain sight

The destination not for those in their Ivory Towers


When we are no longer the base of the pyramid

Capstone controllers shall fall

Without the caress of grace


Humanity can take the power back

Non-compliance to unjust laws

Fight with the heart

Not through violence

Be free, join her, him, me

It is time to step away from the firing line

This is the New World Order

Walk away or welcome Dajjal


Poem Copyright PoppySilver 2011

Soundscape Copyright Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements 2011

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