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By Chuck Baldwin
March 29, 2012

Those of us who believe in constitutional government, the Bill of Rights, personal liberty, and State autonomy are beginning to taste what German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and pastor Martin Niemoller experienced back in 1930's Germany. These two great lovers of God and freedom were ostracized and eventually persecuted by both Germany's political and social societies and by "German Christians." History does have a way of repeating itself, doesn't it?

Anyone who does not recognize that America is rapidly being transformed into a fascist state is as dumb as Balaam's ass. No, dumber! At least the ass had the sense to stop when it realized it was heading smack into God's wrath.

For all intents and purposes, the US Constitution is dead; the Bill of Rights is dead; the vision of the Founding Fathers is dead; and federalism and republicanism are also dead. What we have left is a blend of socialism, welfarism, fascism, statism, and warfarism, with fascism becoming the dominant "ism" of the bunch.

If you want to know where America is quickly heading, go watch the movie "The Hunger Games," currently playing in theaters everywhere. Or read Orwell's "1984," or Huxley's "Brave New World." Or better yet, take your eyes off ESPN just long enough to take a good look outside. America, as "the land of the free," is disappearing. It is already unrecognizable from the country I grew up in, not to mention the country that our Founding Fathers fought and died to create. What happened in fascist Germany is happening right now in America. And one of the telltale marks of this emerging fascist society is the way people who believe in constitutional government, liberty, and individualism are being treated by the mainstream media, mainstream religion, and mainstream politics.

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Comment by Sweettina2 on April 9, 2012 at 10:42pm

Good lord, their evil runs deep!  Rick Warren IS the head of the one-world religion in the US.  They have been systematically taking over churches everywhere.  They get right evil in their dealings with the older, more established members to run them off.  It happened to my mothers church, they fought back for two years before they got their church back.  Even still I believe 'plants' are still there.  Thank you RF, great info.

Comment by R.Fenbarf on April 8, 2012 at 1:13pm

OOps that article got longer than I expected...Here is the KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov telling you about Subversion and how once they demoralize and get you to get rid of your God You are toast. Pass the Jelly I think It's toast ! Here's the KGB Agent in 1983 telling you how you were going to get to where you are today and Sun Tzu!(for those of you who havent seen this or put it into the context of the Small Group Dynamic Churches)

Comment by R.Fenbarf on April 8, 2012 at 1:04pm

  People need to look into the ARC -Association Of Related Churches.This monstrosity is a Community (Communitarianism) Re-Education centers posing as Churches.They are being "planted"all over America and the world.

  If you look at the map they supply they are not only in America,they are Global.They are NOT Christian.They use "Small Group Dynamics"(Marx's Dialectics)and teach communitarianism as Christianity! This is not an opinion,or what I feel.The Dialectic is taught in the schools(OBE Outcomes Based Education),government,medical fields (it's TQM Total Quality Management)and every other place you can imagine.However these ARC Churches are the most egregious as because the NWO is terrified of Real Christians.If I could post links here I could show you some real Christians that make the NWO crap their pants. There's too much info on this ARC Church I could tell you but space is limited here.They are flying totally under the radar and everyone has been conditioned to respect ANY Church if they say "Jesus".

 The key to these Churches is the SMALL GROUP DIALECTICAL PROCESS and the Group Leaders who compromise and manipulate the Manufactured Consent in the name of Jesus!Isn't that special?

Here is a stub from Wikipedia about ARC

User:Bobedbrown/Association of Related Churches

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The Association of Related Churches was started in 2000.

While serving as a senior associate pastor of a large church, Billy Hornsby developed a small group ministry that became a model used to train thousands of pastors around America. Several years later, Billy visited Greg Surratt and Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC and was moved by how effective and relevant their Sunday services were. He approached Greg about planting churches that combined the philosophy of the Seacoast Sunday service with the relational dynamics of small groups. Greg expressed how it had been his desire to plant 2000 churches across America. The two decided that it made a great fit and that day the vision for the ARC was born.

In 2000, these two joined together with Dino Rizzo, Scott Hornsby, Chris Hodges and Rick Bezet to form ARC. Chris and Rick had both made plans to plant a church. With Seacoast supplying $25,000 each towards their start-up funds, Chris and Rick utilized these funds for the new church plants. Chris planted a church in Birmingham, AL and Rick Bezet in Conway, AR in early 2001. In return, they were asked to re-invest that money into church planting making it available for future church planters. They continued giving 2% of their church's income to ARC.

At the end of 2008, ARC had planted 75 churches in 27 states. In 2009, we are expecting to plant over 50 churches, the equivalent of a new plant every 7 days. Another 65 churches have networked with us in planting churches. Over the last 8 years, the combined missions giving for these 130 churches exceeded $40 million!.

 Find a evil dialectical ARC Church in your town! No matter where you are there is one coming your way!It is a business and they get situated in a town,get the suckers who join to put signs in their front yard (recruitment=cult)till they take the town over,they start in a small building and ALWAYS end up in a VERY Big building.They fleece the sheepies really good!Blackwaters Erik Prince is associated with World Vision,and Focus On The Family. Want to see where "ARC"churches are? They are EVERYWHERE and they are NOT Christian!

They are your friendly Communitarian re-education centers !If you think I am kidding have a gander at this video. Marysville Washington Cult

They are interdenominational because they don't care about anything but Small Group Dynamic Manufactured Consent Communitarian Training.

The dialectical process (Small Group Dynmaics) as far as the Church goes can be understood here

It seems that you have to dress hep in these "Churches"wear Mousse in your hair,and the men ussually have Rick Warren Style squared off beards.Go to the ARC Church locator,and randomly look at some of the websites.These so called Churches may have MANY different names(so they look like they are differnt but they are one big corporation) they are all ARC Churches and teach the same Small Group Manufactured Consent dynamics.Real Christians could save your butt if you can find any.Don't think so? Then accept you are an animal and be treated as livestock.

Please see Man Or Other Animals and how the Bible provided you your defense.(Before everyone is brainwashed in these so called ARC Churches)Alfred Adask "Man Or Other Animals"

If you are just another animal then like an animal you can be culled.

If you are made in the image of God you have rights given to you by God as a real Christian Robert Menard can tell you. Robert Menard Freemen Lecture

 I know MANY here think Christians are a joke.Rightly so because your impression of the nightmare of the NWO (real Christians)is about as real as the the news you get on your mainstream TV.

They work very hard to make Christians seem like fools,as many are deceived and are fools because of the deception. See Texe Marrs The Blind and The Dead to see the big "Christian" leaders making fools of people.

This is the New Age Movement dressed up in Jesus ! The Nazi's were 100% new age.

Constance Cumbey Aquarius The Age Of Evil

Warren Smith Ex New Age Guru explains

  This is a very serious problem

But the good part ?????? (Check out Sun Tzu !) 

  If the small group dynamics can be exposed in these Churches and you can get that one element OUT of the Churches? And the people find out what the Small Group Dynamics is ? You put a BIG FAT HOLE in this termite infestation going on in our Commie-Unities er Communities. Communitarianism is communism.Isn't it nice the "Churches"are teaching it with small group dynamics? 

  Don't protest and get all worked up.Infiltrate these whorehouses.Just say hey...I love Jesus and the Church but I just feel<~ everything is feeling and opinion not fact in a dialectical context...

  Anyway you feel that everything they are doing is nice but you just disagree w/the Small Group Dynamics.

Jesus did not try to achieve Consensus with the Apostles,to be sensitive to others opinions so's not to be offensive.(You wear shoes because your feet are sensitive,sensitive is weak and vunerable)

 Tell them after you infiltrate knowing full well you are entering the vipers pit church  the Real Word Of God is didactic. (Not dialectic)

  Yes the Word of God will set you free but you would have never believed the extent of how much so (Keep In Mind Alfred Adask's Man Or Other Animals video here^)without these bastard Churches engineering people who think they are buying into Christianity but instead get Social Engineering. If you wish to learn more about the difference between Dialectics(Hegel Machiavelli Marx etc) and Didactic? One expert in this field who few know about is Dean Gotcher at The Institute for Authority.

Here is a short vid

Social(ist) Engineeering

Here is a 185 minute one for those of you with a mind to "tolerate"the (real) Christian talk and see how the Matriarchal NWO system is the Jezebel style form of government.Mama wants to make sure you are safe with all her laws and treats you like a baby.

It'll kill you too....

The real God is a He and He has written out the perfect law of Liberty.You can choose which one you want.The war is not against Flesh and Blood it is Good and Evil.Choose your side.Freedom isn't about having the right to be gay or having tattoos,orear rings in your nose and going to Ozzy Osbourne concerts eg.You have all that rebellion in place of the rights you once had.

These dialectical small group "churches"can be easily subverted.How do you tell if a "Church"is real or a re education center? VERY EASY ! IF THEY HAVE SMALL GROUPS <~It SUCKS and is not your friend.Whether they be fools going along with this system of manufactured consent or are CORE members (I can't get into that right now)if you can expose and get the meme going to get rid of SMALL GROUP DYNAMICS you will have accomplished more than a million weak little protests where they laugh at your ineffectual efforts.If the small group dynamic model is discredited you would make a big hole in the system that no one even notices that is Manufacturing Consent for everything you don't like that's going on.There are also Cowboy Churches now in the western rural areas...If they have Small Groups? (And they do)They suck! Very easy to identify.

The "Christian Music" in these whorehouses is another topic.... But take a look at this video of one of Erik Prince's (Blackwater Xe now Academi) associated bands and how it depends on SMALL GROUPS

You have a big job in front of you...but it is one element that needs to be dispelled so it is easy because without small groups the Facilitators would have to come up with a new vehicle to get in the heads of Christians whom they fear so very much.They would have to regroup,and I don't think they have time to come up with anything as effective as these ARC Churches and these phony as hell Mega Churches and their Small Group Dynamics.Religion is a hot button topic meant to be "controversial"and devisive.Don't attack the Religion,instead Sun Tzu the Dialectical Process Mechanism.They worked very hard destroying God in the schools over the years to make Religion polarized.Without God? The Real one you are toast.Don't take it from me.Take it from this 1983 Lecture by Yuri Bezmenov (at the time of his defection was using the name Thomas Schuman) the KGB defector who will in no uncertain terms tell you this. This is a very informative lecture and he covers subversion and how Sun Tzu techniques have been demoralizing the US (this is 1983 keep in mind)and how without your God you are toast.He is not a pastor or anything like that he was a media psyop KGB defector telling you what they were doing.And they did it!The good thing here is,that now that you are outnumbered? You can use Sun Tzu style psychology to overturn this Small Group Dynamic! It wouldn't have worked before when you were the majority! They worked many many years to get the small group dynamic woven into the fabric of societies all over the world.I think without it they are screwed! Now get to work and have a good time doing it too!Watch the dominoes fall ! I know people here are ingenious and with the facts can come up with many many memes to expose this weakling small group dynamic in phony churches. Tell everyone you know about these small group churches and how it is Marxist Dialectic Manufactured Consent.Do it in a way that makes people laugh at con.All it takes in a dark room is a person with a match to shed the light that lets them see they are not in a Church but a sewer of manufactured consent.  

Comment by Sweettina2 on April 7, 2012 at 6:43am



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