Why Are So Many People That Have "Recovered" From The Coronavirus Testing Positive Again?

I don't like using Infowars, and especially Michael Snyder for a source, as the former is heavily incentivized to unneccesarily panic people, and the latter is always forecasting the apocalypse, just around the corner. However, since I have heard this aspect (reinfection) cited from early on in this virus thing, it does give me a chance to expound on the possible reasons.

This doesn't strike me as something people would make up, as part of a pandemic fairy tale. Reason being it doesn't exactly make one crave for the vaccine. If it just comes back after you are "cured", what's the point? I have a couple ideas, though. One I posted about here, that there are two infectious agents, a virus and a mycoplasma.

If a mycoplasma is involved, it would have to be engineered by humans, as normally these microbes take at least several months to sometimes multiple years to do damage. They divide very slowly compared to other organisms. I suppose engineering could change that, or introducing mycoplasma DNA into a virus. Viruses multiply rapidly.

There are tools and databases for recognizing proteins, genes, chromosomes and sections of DNA (and RNA) that are homologous (having the same sequence) as these biochemicals in other organisms. And mycoplasma DNA has been well-characterized. Still, as they're working from the premises that they are, there is no motivation to check for these possible relationships.

One way for molecular biologists involved in bio-warfare to get around these sequences being recognized is outlined here. Most DNA is a code which is a recipe for proteins. A combination of three letters, such as GAT or CTA (called a "codon") code for one amino acid . There are 20 natural amino acids, from which proteins are made. There are multiple codons for each amino acid, as can be seen below (amino acid abbreviations have two lower-case letters). Bio-warfare engineers could use genetic sequences that do not occur in nature, but produce the same proteins, thus avoiding homology recognition.

The reasons I suspect this model is true is that the damage to the lungs, by scarring, is said to be occurring by way of a "cytokine storm", which is an exaggerated response of the immune system. As occurs in autoimmune disease, such as mycoplasmas cause. Likewise, hydroxychloroquine is an immunosuppressant drug, and the most recent (small) study I've read indicates patients were symptom-free within 8 to 12 hours. That's awfully quick for a "cure". Sounds more like a temporary suppression of symptoms.

However, the CDC's guidelines for hospitals, that deaths should be attributed to Covid without tests, and that Covid should be listed as the primary cause even when it is only a contributing factor, etc etc, hopelessly and purposefully confuses everything about the problem, if all this is even real. Makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and give up trying to think on it. As does themasses of tests that turned out to be only 20 or 30% accurate, the Americans' obstinate refusal to begin testing until lately, unmanned testing centers all over the US, etc.

Infowwars article

Something isn’t adding up

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 9, 2020 at 5:37am

Talking with someone who has excellent sources to Chinese Cable TV apparently the coronavirus morphs into a new strain that reinfects those celebrating their recovery and may even kill them 2nd time around. They say in China that the virus is now in it's 3rd incarnation already. You might recall that many people who have recovered from diseases will test positive because they still carry the weakened or dead pathogen once their antibodies have defeated the organism. 

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