Why FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is Stepping Down

The Memo and McCabe Stepping Down

The inner workings of the FBI and the federal government have always been naively considered from an outsider as fair and unbiased that is until one has to deal with them. Often political influence and ulterior motive are measured just by that damning yardstick. Reince Priebus could tell you all about it. When the Democrats looked to somehow damage Donald Trump enough to ruin his chances of election in the eyes of the voters in 2016 they along with the Republicans presented the Christopher Steele Dossier in hopes this flimsy evidence already considered discredited and of no value at all by James Clapper and John Brennan to obtain a warrant. Even with these two heads of law enforcement intelligence testifying in front of Congressional Committees that Donald Trump had committed no acts of collusion with the Russians still the Democrats persisted in using inadmissible or questionable evidence at best to the FISA Court to authorize a warrant for surveillance on the Trump organization.

The plot

A previous attempt to do so in the summer of 2015 had been rejected by the FISA Court during the last year of the Obama administration due to the case for this order for surveillance being completely unjustifiable. However, it’s funny how legal procedure and Constitutional premise have little meaning for the Democrats when they are out to hang their political enemies. Such is the case with former FBI man Andrew McCabe, who figured prominently in allowing malfeasance in the course of exonerating Hillary Clinton of blatant destruction of evidence and thus obstruction of justice while using technically illegal premises for aiding in the illegal surveillance of the Trump team in the months prior to the 2016 Presidential election.

The conspirators

Fusion GPS has been categorized as a political opposition research firm, but in reality operates like a paid for hire assassin of character for the highest bidder. They paid Christopher Steele, former British Agent a sum of 50 thousand dollars to substantiate a dossier of questionable merit that had originated from Russian sources. Who had paid Fusion GPS? Why, Hillary Clinton and the DNC, of course! So, does the fact that Governor Terry McAuliffe was under investigation by the FBI for connecting Hillary Clinton with Chinese Donors who visited her home and funded her campaign to the tune of 2 million dollars cast a shadow on this mutual admiration party going on between the DNC, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, the governor of Virginia, and President Obama’s state department?

One hand washes the other

One might ask just how the investigation over McAuliffe was dropped after his political action committee donated 500 thousand dollars to the election fund of FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe, for a state senate seat run that she lost to Republican, Dick Black. One might venture further to ask how was it that Andrew McCabe, who oversaw the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that failed to produce the evidence after confiscating the servers from the Clinton household and how the final determination about Hillary’s guilt was all concluded after a half hour interview on a Saturday afternoon. No oath taken, transcript, or recording made while months earlier, Director James Comey had already drafted a letter of exoneration over Clinton before the investigation had hardly gotten underway?


So, where does Reince Priebus figure into all of this? Well, as Reince strolled along a hallway in the White House he was taken aside by Andrew McCabe, who promised him that there was nothing to the dossier that was supposedly investigated by former British Agent Christopher Steele. Nothing to it! He told Reince that he would get back to him concerning the final decision by the FBI. When Reince called McCabe a couple of days later to check on what he had been told by McCabe, there were unseen repercussions. The next day a story was leaked to the press by Attorney General Ron Rosenstein that Priebus had made inappropriate contact with the DOJ over the collusion case. Was this a pure coincidence? Or could it be that “Good Old Boys” network of the Justice Department was incriminating a member of the Trump White House just for entertainment purposes?

Severe magnitude

When one considers Watergate during the Nixon White House and how the invasion of one man’s office for a personal file led to the resignation of a US President, the circumstances behind an entire Justice Department and FBI conspiracy to prevent Donald J. Trump from getting elected as new e-mails that have been uncovered from FBI servers reveals, Watergate seems more like bad manners at a women’s social! Russian Collusion, Chinese Collusion, malfeasance, FBI agents participating in illegal political activities, and a Virginia Governor involved in an illegal campaign contribution are just part of an arrogant plot tying so many guilty parties to a centralized effort to thwart a Trump presidency and pass illegal donor money between hands to do so is building a case of Felony proportions!

Questions questions

Is there any wonder that in advance of the FISA memo that Chuck Schumer has been so obsessed with denouncing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has decided to step down? Wasn’t it acting Director, Christopher Wray, who himself threatened to resign under pressure to begin acting on the evidence that has fast been surfacing in recent weeks. The truth is that the federal bureaucracy is not so much concerned about legally acting to bring about justice as it is in protecting those members of its fraternity of co-conspirators who regardless of being in violation of the law, will even impeach an innocent president if given the opportunity and the truth can be sufficiently squelched!


The further question of the guilt by association or complicity will no doubt impact Peter Strzck, Lisa Page, Adam Schiff, and even Loretta Lynch as the entire passion play unfolds. There seems no end to the arrogant violation of ethics, knowledge of wrong doing, and acts of Felony proportion in all this as Democrats use their typical finger pointing at others for doing exactly what they themselves are guilty of! The implications of all these interrelated conspiratorial acts would make a field day for prosecutors. No wonder the Democrats don’t want the Memo publicly divulged as Schumer and Pelosi attempt to muddy the waters and declare that the contents of the FISA Memo are of no consequence or that this is fabricated evidence! With all the uncertainties we can anticipate in 2018 we can be assured of one thing-heads are going to roll!



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Comment by Chris of the family Masters on January 31, 2018 at 2:41pm

It maybe not related but as a comical break : What's a difference between wedding and the funeral ? One less drunk at funeral...

Comment by Doc Vega on January 31, 2018 at 2:23pm

Diana Christopher Wray had no choice in the face of damning evidence but to give McCabe his options, either step down or likely face a forced resignation or firing! So, one less pig on the hill!

Comment by Diana on January 30, 2018 at 7:44pm

The timing of McCabe's departure is interesting.  Wray reads the memo on Sunday, McCabe unexpectedly leaves on Monday just shy of getting his pension (March).  But, Chuck and Nancy say there's nothing in the memo.  I guess that's why they're so upset about it being released.  lol

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