Why Stay in the US?

These are strange times.  The United States in not the same country that I grew up in (and you as well, no doubt), where I went into business, had my ups and downs financially all my life, but managed to support a family, get a house and accumulate a little to help the next generation of the family.  The old “American Way”.  Now in 2012, much of my wealth has totally evaporated, and my house that I paid on for over twenty years is worth minus nothing.   But I am one of the fortunate ones; I managed to build a parallel life in Thailand with my own home there (all paid for, and more beautiful than my California house), build some very small businesses to give me a little income and have just enough treasure left to live OK for the duration.  And now I am left pretty much left alone by bureaucrats and bullies with more freedom and a good life standard than I have ever enjoyed.

I try to encourage my friends to do something similar.  Find a sanctuary, maybe in the Caribbean, or in Asia, or Central America — somewhere, anywhere, and build yourself another life.  What’s left in the US could come crashing down at any time.  It’s bad.  Really, really bad out there.  The US census bureau has just reported that 100 Million Americans can now be classified as living in poverty, or living one little step up called “near poverty”.  That’s getting close to one out of three Americans, and it is continuing to grow.  In the years Obama has been running things, it increased 25%.

It is considered “poverty” when a single person is earning less than $11,000 per year, or a family of four is earning less than $22,000 per year.  In a place like California, my old home, you cannot survive on that kind of income alone.

The poverty level has not been this high since the early 1960’s (when President Johnson started the War on Poverty — I guess we lost that war, amongst others).    There seems to be little that can be done by the government to fix this situation; in fact, it seems the more the (Obama) government does, the worse it seems to get.  With new government controls of American lives coming soon as the US implements Obamacare Medical People Control Systems (OMPCS), the future looks extraordinarily bleak.  It is very depressing; in fact, we might as well call it a Great Depression, despite what Mr. Obama would rather label it.

Twenty two percent of Americans are unemployed, underemployed or simply no longer counted, and half of American households are dependent on some type of government benefit to make ends meet. In fact, more people are applying for government disability benefits each month than there are jobs created.

For those still left working and paying for all the government programs along with an incredible amount of interest on the debt of America, life will unravel much more in the near future.

So why have so few Americans prepared themselves to go elsewhere?  Are they victims of the massive propaganda that has been drilled in our heads for many decades that the only good place to live in the world — the only piece of Earth that offers the greatest Freedom in the world — is in the wonderful United States of America.  I am telling the world right now that this is simply NOT TRUE.    Americans have grown up believing there are really only two countries in the World:  (1) the United States, and (2) NOT the United States (that’s everywhere else).  We have been told there is no freedom, no good life outside of America.  They pull up scenes of Ethiopia, and tell everyone that is what life is like outside the United States.  It simply ain’t true.

In the late 1920’s, Germans, despite having massive inflation, government corruption, criminal problems and more, were pretty much convinced that Germany was the only great nation to live in within the world.   A tiny minority thought otherwise and found a new home elsewhere.  Good for them, because they survived and maybe flourished while the rest of Germany went down the tubes within a dozen years or so.

Now I see the video of cops — like in the recent event in Anaheim — that have morphed into thugs and bullies, shooting point blank at women and children that are protesting their thuggery, and even setting attack dogs on them.  What is the difference from what Nazi secret police did to dissidents in Germany 60 years ago?  Our nation’s forefathers would be so saddened and outraged, and probably the first in line to call for a revolution.

The US government is technically flat broke (or more accurate, far in the minuses), yet it spends 700 Billion Dollars a year on a “defense” that means starting mass killing wars in little insignificant countries around the world.  The system is broken.  Who in the World are the Bullies?  When I grew up, we were indoctrinated that the bullies were the Russians.  After that idea ended, Islamic people took on that role.  Now maybe the Chinese are on the verge of getting that title.  What if the real bullies are US?

Hurry.  Make plans now.  Eventually the gates will close.

In my sanctuary of Thailand, there is no massive depressed population.  OK, there is no nanny state protection, and sometimes a little protection is missed.  This is a place, like so many places in the world, where you have to take care of yourself.  Anyone that wants a job in Thailand can work.  Sure, it is not at some artificially created Union wage level.  The market decides for legal residents.  But look at the skyline of Bangkok, and you will see a multitude of cranes building new structures.  You will see everyone scampering along doing a productive days work.   You don’t see people begging at the entrance to the freeway (as in America) for some spare change.  It’s not perfect here, but it is much better here than there.  And the same goes for so many other places as well.

We are blessed to have an internet that allows anyone to really research things, to see how life is elsewhere with just a few keystrokes.  I suggest people in America with the gumption to do better should get started today.  Before it is too late.

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