Why Your Income Taxes are the Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated

The year is 1986. President Ronald Reagan appoints the Grace Commission to investigate income taxes and their relationship to the federal government budget. Amidst the calls for tax reform by the public due to IRS abuses, the President orders a comprehensive study to establish the relationship between income tax and actual revenue to debt ratio. The findings of the panel were shocking!

Fiat currency

Rather than Congress assessing available revenue to resolve federal government debt with, they merely established an estimated budget for the upcoming fiscal period and submitted it to the Treasury Secretary who in turn formalized a request to the Federal Reserve for the required credit and then the currency would then be printed for replacement of worn out or damaged Federal Reserve Notes and to make deposits into the banking system with. The newly printed currency would be distributed and vaulted.

Fiscal irresponsibility

The Reagan administration's findings were that there was absolutely no relationship between the income tax revenue and the operating budget of the Federal government as determined by Congress. The two were separate issues! Why? Congress did not correlate income tax revenue to the fiiscal accountability for funding the debt accumulated by the Federal government. In fact, the Grace Commission determined never could income taxes collected pay for the over spending of the US government! Instead, Congress would wind up with a bill from the Federal Reserve for the credit it had extended to the government and collected income tax revenue would be used to pay the interest on the debt! There was no intention what so ever to pay down the constant deficit accumulated by Congress and the Federal government!

Taxed to death

The US government in addition to income taxes takes in tariffs, utility tax, road and bridge taxes through the gasoline tax at the pump, interstate trucking taxes, telecommunications taxes, stock investment profit taxes, corporate taxes, estate tax, real estate taxes, and so many more! So, how is it that our government sells its debt to foreign countries willing to buy it in exchange for US Treasury Bills? So as our political leaders have consigned US citizens to constant calls for higher income taxes from the Democrats we now have the interest to pay to foreign nations who buy US debt for the interest paid by taxpayers dollars!

Tax scam

Does this sound like a sweet deal for a system that swindles those it sucks the blood from while convincing them they need to pay more while insulting and threatening those who know better as tax cheats and criminals? Where does the true intake of federal government money really go? Who truly accounts for the inflow and outflow of collected funds for the feds? Well, there's the Congressional Budget Office CBO), the Government Accounting Office GAO), not to mention embedded accountants within many federal agencies who, for the purpose of seeing that their respective departments qualify for even more federal funding for the next tax year, are the only reason they are concerned over accurate records of expenditures and cash receipts!

Fiscal management No!

The truth is, we never hear of the government being accountable for the way it handles money. We never hear of calls for shrinking the size of government and spending less money while Congress votes in automatic pay raises for itself, and while federal employees pressure for pay and benefit increases to the point that Federal bureaucrats and employees make up a fraternity of a work force that receives way more for their limited responsibilities and qualifications than the equivalent job holders in the private sector!

Recipe for deception

So, as taxation increases to fund the ever growing appetite of an out of control big government that digs a deeper and deeper hole of deficit spending requiring more and more interest to be paid to the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned private cartel of banking families who produce trillions in credit out of thin air that the taxpayers funds the interest on, how does this go on? The American consumer loses buying power for his Federal Reserve Note! This means he and she must work harder, make more money, and hope to maintain their dwindling life style as the US dollar shrinks diluted of value thanks to huge deficits produced by out of control government spending!

The frightening truth

It is not that products, services, and food are costing more, but rather that the buying power of the FRN is being gradually eroded by the amount of fiat currency printed to fund the big government requirement for expansion, uncurbed spending, and unrepresentative fiscal policy that will eventually lead to a monetary collapse! Some say that this can only be avoided through more taxes and even after the consumers pays burdensome taxes than add a value added tax based upon consumption at the retail level! "Tax the rich!" We hear from idiots like Bernie Sanders! So now with a federal government on the verge of a currency crisis that calls for the US citizen to pay even more tax will be tolerated? Are they crazy?

Where the fault lies

Part of the problem is the taxpayer who never stops to ask why this all is! Do they ever call for limiting the size and influence of the government in the market place? No! Maybe, when a population of citizens who are either unconcerned or so indoctrinated that they don't know the truth can't even figure these issues out, they deserve the type of government they get? Just maybe, with Millenials more than happy to get free education or have their overdue college tuition loans paid for by the federal government so others can endure the burden while calls for illegal aliens being able to get the same benefits as US citizens is also being sold to the fools in the public by the Democrats who will stop at nothing to buy votes!


Which ever way you choose to look at it either through the fake news from our major media networks who attempt to sell this insanity to low information voters, to Americans who are just too lazy to even be bothered, or to the young adults who want guaranteed income, student loans, and health insurance and are being told socialism is a viable option for the future of the United States, our nation is just about sunk! It may come down to a bloody rebellion before we can ever reacquire the heritage and rights that our founding fathers intended before Americans were stabbed in the back by foreign special interest groups, multi-national corporations owned by our enemies, and a Federal Reserve whose own banking families have proclaimed that they are world bankers who have no allegiance to America or any other nation! This is reality! Wake up!

In Part II we will talk about illegality and how the people were stabbed in the back!

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Comment by James Roberts on August 13, 2019 at 7:50pm

cheeki and Doc - I have known people who rescinded their social security numbers and worked as independent contractors. Neither ran a business or owned a house, so not sure how those activities are impacted.

Comment by Doc Vega on August 13, 2019 at 6:23am

cheeki kea Go get'em girl!

Comment by Doc Vega on August 13, 2019 at 6:23am

James Roberts The Grace Commission most importantly found that the government is not fiscally accountable because they don't apply tax revenue to actually paying the government's bills at all and income taxes would never be enough anyway. What a fucking massive scam. All the people who have committed suicide when pressured by the IRS! 

Comment by cheeki kea on August 11, 2019 at 7:47am

Sadly I do pay income tax, however I fight with verbal vigour to retain my inherent work rights, otherwise known as "grandparented conditions" This stance allows me to earn about 20% more in remuneration than my fellow workers, there by in effect reducing the tax grab take from me to about 4 %. If TAX is the name then Claw-backs the game. I believe you can take the same stance in Canada.    

Comment by the mighty bull on August 11, 2019 at 1:32am

All they want is tax money to keep up the big wheel of greed turning .

Comment by James Roberts on August 10, 2019 at 8:34pm

The most important fact from the Grace Commission is that ALL collected income tax from individuals is needed to service the interest on the federal debt.

Comment by Doc Vega on August 10, 2019 at 8:25pm

Chris, it goes much deeper than that! The Continental Congress never approved or even considered unapportioned income taxes. In fact, the only approved taxes were for federal employees operating within the District of DC and corporations, this did not even apply to small business proprietors! So, with the experience they had gained through the oppression by the King George government our founding fathers established a precedent that they warned would have to be guarded and honored! Beginning in the 20th Century those values and insight began to be betrayed by traitorous bastards in government! Andrew Jackson threw out the European Central Bank for 75 years until Woodrow Wilson and his party brought them back in along with the IRS in 1913 and the beginning of the end was planted for future dumb uneducated Americans who did not see it coming!

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on August 10, 2019 at 7:11pm
Short and sweet: There is no such a thing as 'income' tax for working people. The definition of income is: Profit generated by operating a business. Here lies the monumental scam. Have a look at my video here " Tom Calls Revenue" It spells it out.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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