Zimmerman easy target for race baiters

Zimmerman Railroaded

By Doc Vega

From the very beginning the Trayvon Martin case has been a study in the sacrifice of justice for a political agenda at the risk of inciting racial hostility. From the moment that President Obama compared the appearance of Trayvon Martin to the son he might have had, we have had interference from the Obama White House in the affairs of the kind of shooting that occurs in Chicago. Curiously, this is where Junior Senator, Barack Hussein Obama resided prior to his bid for the oval office. The big difference in the shootings occurring in Chicago are far more menacing and aggravated as gangs exterminate their rivals who trespass on their imaginary turf.

Shameful federal tampering in a case

Just recently it was revealed the AG Eric Holder's Department of Justice spent US tax payers money to finance demonstrations to force the authorities in Florida to arrest and press charges against George Zimmerman, who had not been found criminally accused of any offense other than proof of the fact that he had acted in self defense. These proceedings should have been declared a mistrial! According to many experts Judge Nelson has been biased and argumentative while refusing evidence while the prosecution most of its demands and objections.

In a case that would normally have been summarily dismissed on the premise of self defense due to the threat of personal injury and possible death being inflicted by Trayvon Martin upon Zimmerman as was proven by the witness testimony, the person who was being attacked is on trial for his life? With documented head injuries and a broken nose, George Zimmerman stands to be imprisoned for life over being attacked as the prosecution ascertains that by being followed Trayvon Martin was being threatened and therefore had the right to not only hit Zimmerman but to pin down George and begin beating his face in martial arts style!

The new unspoken rule

The typical response by the left is to exploit an open and shut case as this by interjecting the race card. A former White House prosecutor comments that the Trayvon Martin case has been shamelessly politicized in a legal realm where this motive should be filtered out of the trial so that an objective decision can be rendered, but it is not, Even liberal lawyer Allen Dershowitz has also observed that justice is being thrown out the window as a witch hunt has been unleashed. The agenda being that all blacks are unjustly killed at the hands of white people or white Latinos, and the system must act accordingly whether it's the truth or not. With blacks statistically 50 times more likely to commit acts of violence on whites than vice versa, the US media has little concern over the proper coverage of this trial.

Never let the facts interfere with a trial

Let's simply overlook the fact that the Sanford, Florida Police Chief was fired because he refused to bow down to the pressure of the city manager who wanted a conviction on Zimmerman regardless of whether or not it would later be repealed. Let's overlook the fact that two NBC employees altered the original Police conversation with Zimmerman prior to the fatal confrontation. Let us ignore the photographic evidence of Zimmerman's head injuries. Let's ignore that a forensics expert testify that the angle of the shooting was consistent with firing his weapon from underneath the aggressor, Trayvon Martin, as he was being beaten. Let us ignore the testimony of George Zimmerman that Trayvon Martin was trying to take his hand gun and telling the cracker that he was going to die tonight, let's just forget all these aspects of the case.

Just forget the facts!

In order for the Trayvon Martin case to even be arguable, we have to forget the truth, install a biased judge who understands her marching orders-railroad George Zimmerman regardless of the evidence or testimony under the aegis of a poor and pitiful Trayvon Martin being assaulted by a racist George Zimmerman because it's scapegoat time for the White House. It's time for propaganda machine to hunt down and make an example of anyone who has a legal carry handgun permit being able to legally defend themselves. Especially when when it involves a black man. The message is being very well amplified to all Americans that you have no right to defend yourself against any attacker who has political value, because we will continue regardless of bypassing the rule of law to make you an example even when you are perfectly within your rights. Remember rights mean nothing to the Obama administration.

You can depend on the law

We can certainly look forward to the law allowing more gang bangers who abuse drugs and have a history of problems with enforcement, like Trayvon Martin, to get away with attacking people because these aggressors are actually the victims! We are getting the message from Washington that the color of a person's skin most definitely will allow a legally biased decision to stand no matter how much evidence needs to be overlooked and how many liberally appointed judges it takes to insure this form of legal fascism. We are even getting the message from social media that when punks are tweeting get togethers to incite riots and violence based upon the outcome of this trial as falling under the realm of the First Amendment! So, it's also okay for people to openly plan acts of violence because they have the right to do so! This is mob rule alive and well in America, sanctioned and promoted by your federal government!

A hideous option

In all this there is one question to ask yourself. Perhaps if this all seems inconsequential to you, what if someday you find yourself in George Zimmerman's shoes at the other end of an attacker's deadly intent? Let's see how well your right to defend yourself and your family might just land you in jail for murder which gives you a choice, death from your attacker or death by state legal sanction. Think about it!

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