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At 6:39am on July 22, 2012, elaurenzo said…

Could you please show me how to stop receiving e-mails from this group, I no longer want contact from you.

At 11:39am on July 20, 2012, Steve Nelson said…

I just pushed your button  Site *ADMIS*, I am happy to be your friend and accepted on this fine site.

As you may know I and my family and my books have taken some hits lately. The person doing this is a slitherey, slimey, trouble maker. And just in case this person gets on this site I wanted to warn you and everyone about them. This person goes by two names and no photo, just a symbol.

They began by posting an 'Attack Piece' about my delightful childrens book; 'NIBLY the Bear Visits the People Town', there at Then they moved to Barnes & Noble where several of my books are shown and sold. This person posted a really nasty 'Attack Piece'about my book; 'The Problem Eliminators!' There ar B&N. Then they went to Youtube and posted there about 'Eliminators!' Then they got onto my book; 'Escape from the ORDER!' and posted at B&N and also at Youtube.

Then after posting these 'Attack Pieces' this person got on Facebook and sought out my wife and some of my kids and me too! I had checked a few days before, and this person was not on FB, and then they discovered FB and right away began posting 'Attack Pieces,' and stocking me and my family.

Here now is the names that this person operates under: 'Fairhonanth Jones' & 'nutellaluv7'. If you or anybody sees a person by these names, stear clear of them, they are Trouble!

Also this person indirectly attacked one of my books that I published some time ago thru PublishAmerica. This person complains on their FB timeline, that I have a 10 year contract with PA. BIG DEAL! Everybody that makes the mistake of publishing with PA gets an 8 to 10 year contract. PA's contracts are very strict and will not allow me to publish that first book anywhere else. Their layout of that first book; 'Tomorrow's World #1' looks just fine but in order to show my book to the public PA is always wanting money, money, money... TW1 is available thru B&N (18 & Older).

So I hope all who may read this will be warned to stear clear of this 'Jones' person for your own good.

Sincerely, Steve Nelson

"GO DR. Paul!!!"

At 6:47pm on July 19, 2012, Meriem K. Peillet said…

Thank you for your request of friendship. I accepted it even if I felt a little bit confused when looking at your logo or let say the logo you have choosen as your representative image. It might be just a cynical choice or joke but it has its impact. Whatever! Whoever you might be, illuminatis, illuminists or free and not subject to fear...I am pleased to have accepted.

Friendship is, as Khalil Gibran wrote a great responsability...It is indeed even when the friendship is a simple virtual one...

Much love!!!


At 4:33pm on July 19, 2012, James Bradley said…

Thanks for the friend request. I wish it were possible to spend more time on this site, but at this time-trying to earn a few dollars is much more important. This is probably one of the five best sites I've ever been associated with. Please, keep up the fantastic work.   JB

At 3:10pm on July 19, 2012, Joseph Ellul-Grech said…

Thank you for your friendship request. Please visit my blog: John Dalli A corrupt EU Commissioner

At 11:05am on July 19, 2012, Brian Brown said…

Thanks for the friend Request!

At 10:59am on July 19, 2012, Mizzy said…

Thanks for the request!

At 6:45am on July 19, 2012, Jim Braun said…

lADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF 12160,we are all in deep doodoo. The illegal gov now has a full head of steam and there really is no way to stop it. Judging by the responses from obama lovers there really is no more hope. There just isn't enough of us,and the gov. holds all the cards. Really sorry to say. For those of us that believe in the lord,I say AMEN.

At 6:43am on July 19, 2012, Vivian said…

Thank you for the request!

At 5:58am on July 19, 2012, Bill Hayes said…

Thanks for the request...

At 12:38pm on May 25, 2012, suzie said…

Thank you,  but you guys make this free speech site available to us and all the sharing of information,you guys are really so cool i love you for it from afar.. many blessing to you!

At 9:49pm on May 17, 2012, jim said…

thank's guys i'll keep doing my best. you have a great site here and great people.



At 6:34am on May 8, 2012, Meriem K. Peillet said…

Dear Friends,

I received twice yesterday the following message:

Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account, We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker trying to access your account. Please review the details of the sign-in attempt...

8 May 2012 08:10 GMT
IP Address:
Location: Sunnyvale, California, United States

I link it to the hacking you have been subject to and I would like you to invite all the members to change the mails accounts passwords, just in case...

Thank you.

Meriem K. Peillet, Ms.

At 8:38pm on April 8, 2012, Vida Smith Compton said…
James, I hurriedly reposted to my FB pg on the Vaccines indren, mainly because I have grandbabies tha are going through those same injection as they are all 3 under 3 yrs old..... As a grandmother of 8 , Of course I worry like a wart.....Thank you again for you post, I'm going to post a photo right with this comment that may help get the importance across....
At 12:42pm on April 8, 2012, Imad Kilani said…


nice hering from you

At 3:03pm on April 02, 2012, Alexis Duran gave Site *ADMINS* a gift
Thank You !!! Hugs@U !!!
At 2:50pm on March 27, 2012, Meglamaniac gave Site *ADMINS* a gift
Be ready, B
At 1:54am on March 21, 2012, suzie gave Site *ADMINS* a gift
Thanks for all you do
At 2:33am on March 9, 2012, Maria De Wind said…

At 9:21pm on February 27, 2012, apeman2502 said…

  My comment on the antiPETA film did not process. I thought the film inconsiderate of the people who volunteer huge parts of their lives to finding the solutions of finding homes for deserted animals. The ones I know have each adopted several cats and dogs(the major problem) , but they can not even come close to finding homes for so many unwanted animals. Even a nasty pet like,"Pinky the Cat", as seen on Utube,can be found an appropriate home that can use his skills and talents. Note: 'Pinky' does not like to be rubbed on the head. Was the rejection because I spelled out'You-tube' instead of as my mispelling above?


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