JOURNEYMANPICTURES channel on youtube this video needs to go viral and be shown to the occupy movement that they are being used by the people who want to bri...

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Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 25, 2011 at 5:43pm

Like I said before, when there's, "Occupy The White House" then I'll get excited. Until then, the simple solution is to:




Comment by Marklar on November 25, 2011 at 2:00am

Or perhaps the best way to subvert a movement is to delegitimize it by claiming that it is already coopted and therefore driving away it's better elements leaving behind only the dross which can be more easily coopted, controlled, and made truly illigitimate. Or perhaps you could assign it a leader or two by announcing such over and over in order to mold it to your own wishes.


Certainly both of these things have occured since OWS day 1. I'm not really saying one way or the other but the naysayers and leader assigners did appear almost over night and en masse. Just a thought to be considered not only in regard to OWS but in regards to whatever may occur in the future as well. Is it a riddle wrapped in enigma and smothered in secret sauce or just turtles all the way down? I have to wonder.

Comment by Smooth on November 25, 2011 at 1:26am

its so obvious,your doing exactly what they want,all those people are "against" this and that,but noone takes real action in building a SOLUTION.

if you wanna live in a tent the rest of your life go on,train poverty on these protest,but this is what they want,you party around and do not prepare,build or skill up your chances of survival.

i wish you good luck,but again,do your homework,see the enemy know the enemy fight the enemy with the enemy,and dont ever do what they want you to do

Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 24, 2011 at 3:09pm

It does, but the problem is two fold. The movement can easily get out of the controllers hand, especially if the protestors adopt a leaderless resistance ideology, however the "intention" behind the uprising has to be questioned considering the "soft coup" approach we have seen used by western governments in the past to overthrow dictators around the world e.g Egypt. I find it hard to believe that this, Srdja Popovic guy and his Canvas organization that worked with 37 countries revolutionaries, five successful revolutions, is not controlled opposition. Intelligence agencies around the globe do not just allow foreigners to enter into their country and start revolutions that overthrow dictatorial regimes. 


Is it possible, that the intention of the OWS handlers is to further create a class divide, and destabilize our society and cast protestors and the exercise of our first amendment rights in a bad light? A legitimate concern is it not?


As Maria just stated, Americans have yet to realize the fight against the NWO is Global. Evidence of their tentacle slime has been found in all of the recent revolutions of the raised fist. 

Comment by Maria De Wind on November 24, 2011 at 2:59pm

@ Dear Vincent

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about there being MANY folks standing up for what they believe in at the protests - I applaud you for being there, but don't assume many of us haven't been in our own bloody war torn battlefronts - that would be precisely the one  reason for TPTB to infiltrate and Hijack the movement, were there not so many authentic people really pissed off there they wouldn't even bother ... it would be hard to believe that the long arm of the CIA and other shadow agencies wouldn't extend at home to manipulate the movement to fit their own schemes !


Change did not began in September with the launch of Occupy Wall Street;  #Occupy protests against the NWO began outside the USA in North Africa followed by many European countries, notably Spain and Greece; protests that rallied support solidarity protests in many other countries around the world but the USA, a fact that didn't pass unnoticed in the world already used to American self-centered  navel gazing.


The NWO schemers affect the Whole World, and most countries have suffered their attacks in far more brutal ways than Americans can even imagine or apparently care, often with the help -covert or direct- of the USGOV or whoever SOB is really in charge of America.

Till Americans realize that the fight against the NWO is global and that in many ways they have benefited from such scheming at a bloody cost for the rest of humankind, there will be not much recognition for the legitimacy of America demands nor sympathy for the "middle class" that lo and behold, now nearly has to live like the rest of us.


... happy thanksgiving ! and lets not forget ! (1) ( 2 ) (3)

Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 24, 2011 at 2:40pm

One more thing, people are doing more than computer chair commanding. Protesting gets expensive when you are arrested and fined. It's much cheaper to link up with your Ron Paul meet up and do some phone banking.


I have a new court date in the coming months for protesting. Either way, plea guilty or not, it cost $$$. Anyone having been on the front lines would advise against getting arrested if at all possible. Not always an option, as you can probably imagine. 

Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 24, 2011 at 2:33pm

Right, there are scattered individuals with great signs protesting the FED and Obama etc. but the fact remains that the OWS movement has a socialist agenda as it's underlying theme by the people who have co-opted the movement. Take a look at the videos Maria provided, it's the usual suspects and the crumbs lead right to the globalist cookie jar.

Having said that, I also firmly believe we need to...





Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 24, 2011 at 12:47pm

It's to bad OWS has become a socialist movement. If you are not on board with their collectivist message you are excluded and silenced. Not to mention many of the OWS protestors desire to see a second Obama term and refuse to acknowledge Obama's strong ties and campaign support that came from Wall Street, and Goldman Sachs. The collectivist view of the protestors is that the Republicans are the problem and refuse to acknowledge the two party dictatorship system.


In addition, the OWS websites have banned any "conspiracy theories" from David Icke, or Alex Jones supporters. Making any mention of the off shore bankers nonexistent. Why are they not focused on attacking America's real enemy, like, say for example, the Federal Reserve?

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on November 24, 2011 at 12:31pm

I argued that OWS was not a set up for a long time, right up until I decided to check for myself, see what data was out there. I was wrong.  Problem, reaction, solution.  After all these years I should have seen that from a mile. Controlled Opposition. Already I knew the difference between Democracy and Republic under a Common Law (Constitution & Bill Of Rights). 

This revolution will create holes. Rather than try and explain this, I'll try and post this video. I'll just bet they already have someone in mind to fill that hole.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on November 24, 2011 at 11:37am

I nominate Maria as the speaker and organizer of the "Occupy All Streets" movement starting this instant!


Well said Maria. The initial intention of the OWS was peaceful protest, and a much needed display of civil disobedience in America's out of control financial district. At this stage, it appears as if the democratic party has attempted to hijack the OWS movement in much the same way as the Republican neo cons infiltrated and co-opted the Tea Party. The Tea Party, upon it's inception, was an initiative directed by grassroots Ron Paul supporters with a more libertarian edge compared to their now, neo conservative counterparts.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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