Bankers Being Killed Could Top 100 Plus

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Comment by JUST DEFIANCE on April 9, 2014 at 7:47am

thought james was flicking me when the link went to a real estate agency seminar.  Since my couple of rants, clearly fanatical, and 'possessed', on 12160, I accepted if that was the case.  I'm now extra wary of outright bullshit conspiracy scams trying to suck lil' me under. [1, "Malaysia airlines plane hidden in Israel". etc]

Watched fabian,   He gave no names, as I recall, other than the RBS/ABN Amro banker who suicided last week, when talking [too fast] about the possible 100 bankers set to be deleted.

Bankers are not a lot of people's favorites.  Lots of underworld, underground and Resistance Orgs hate 'em, heaps.

Lots of these, interact, talk, weigh moves, alone and collectively.

All, recognize banking is way overboard, and the best of them, are connected to the world's top cults, and to the world's elite.  Not all elites are greedy psychos.  Some - who knows how many - do have ethics, and even with zionist and other plans to wipe huge numbers of the plebs off the planet, for a 'fresh start', some elite manage to see through the haze of wealth to unnerstand that lots of elites are scum too.

This [banker-elimination] has more than likely happened throughout history, once 'GFCs' occur, since Babylonian times, I'd reckon.

Anyone checked the late 1920s, and 1930s for same events? Or the 1890s crash.

Now though, there IS more power to the People.  It's just that Av'rage Joe isn't told, doesn't see or here it in the news.

The 'vibe' that it's time this started to occur, has been around forever, really, and was 'upped' over the last decade or so, as the underground news as fabian talks of, of massive debts and false stock markets, went around, the unnerground.

It's all too late. But, that's more reason to increase the 'deletions'.  All forces are aware, and sections within all forces, military, cult, civilian and police, etc, are well aware this goes on, and is often condoned from above. A sound, honest, factual argument is enough.

The emphasis is not on politicians, as they're the puppets, front-men. Although they shouldn't escape a drubbing, or a lynching, as they accept the lucre to talk shit to the People. I see that as right up there as the most insulting.  Media too!

But, if, this continues, all political class greasers best beware.

O! They ARE!


As my WW2 Paratrooper Sar-Major Step-Father-cum-Outlaw Motorcyclist shouted once;


Comment by cherry nelson on April 8, 2014 at 9:43pm

they had fulfilled their usefulness that is why they are eliminated--just like we will be if we comply.


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