Black Lives Matter: A COINTELPRO Black Op Set Up to Destabilize U.S. Society

Classic COINTELPRO Operation in Progress

DeRay Mckesson is a major LGBT Promoter with GLAAD,
the military arm of the Gay Mafia


DeRay Mckesson: The Fabrication of a Black Lives Matter ‘Hero’

*Since when does the leader of any radical group get serious face time
with the U.S. Attorney General and then get to use it as a photo op to
spread across their movement?!

State of the Nation


SOTN Editor’s Note:
SOTN is well aware of the centuries of oppression, deprivation and indignities that the blacks of America have suffered. Their never-ending trials and tribulations are our trials and tribulations. We have nothing but the greatest respect, and reverence, for those Black heroes who really made a difference FOR ALL AMERICANs. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X are just three awesome examples of the greatest American sons—EVER!  With that said, we also believe that Blacks are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement agencies across the nation only because they are black. They have been killed and brutalized by the police and sheriffs in such numbers that the only explanation is longstanding structured racism. However, since 9/11 all socio-economic groups have experienced an dramatic uptick in police brutality. Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Whites are all getting tasered and killed more often by the police for no good reason. The Black Lives Matter group, while being an advocacy movement for black communities nationwide, is often seen as divisive and even protective of real black criminals who are truly guilty of crimes against the people. This indisputable reality has rightly created a major perception problem. Many outside of the movement have questioned the true impetus behind BLM, as well as the actual source of their funding. There are very good reasons to question these, as well as the integrity of the emerging leadership.


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How is this of COINTELPRO? With your article, your haven't proven your argument. ...

again back to leading by example... if the dear president is allowed to break the rules.. then so can we.. fix the problem.. or should i ask which came first the chicken or the egg???

He speaks of the Manson vision of a race war in the video. I also think the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' make the point of race war being instigated by the 'divide and conquer' crowd. The black man seems (imo) to be being used as the catalyst and sucker to realize this plan.

Bombshell Proof Emerges Black Lives Matter Pushing For Martial Law And No Elections After Hacked Twitter DM's Find BLM Leaders Scheming With Obama Administration

Not all that "new".

nice pull on the link... i dont have time to join in research now.. remodeling home for son.. and my first grand child.. I will soon enough .. 

What is most important to me is - WHO is the 'cool guy' with the khaky pants the black jacket with the collar flipped up in the painting on the wall? What does the wreath symbolize closet door? Thats far more interesting then trying to act surprised about criminal propaganda used as a 'photo -op' while the criminals foment a 'new' divide and kill people plan.

thats no "Cool" guy, that's a usurping traitorous impostor moozlum prick, & the Wreath is a cleverly disguised hemorrhoid cushion for that bathroom behind the door for that transtesticle type person, Moochie ;)

Yeah they are constantly sending secret messages  using hidden words in speeches.. and symbolism,, good point what is in the picture speaks a thousand words. 

George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action


Dallas Ambush Shooting by Lone Gunman Was 'Well Planned' and 'Thought Out,' Police Say


“Political America and corporate mass media have taken extraordinary steps to globally brand Black Card Manchurian Candidates Micah X. Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long as Black Nationalists. However, both young black men were manufactured, fabricated and packaged in the U.S. Army and Navy as sleeper patsy mind controlled Pseudo Black Nationalists for the shadow government’s black card-race war games. Both Micah X. Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long have been played as strategy of tension false flag shades in a pasted divisive and wicked ILLUSIONARY WAR against police officers, and white society.” Quote from following website:


"Destroying the New World Order"



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