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Modern Feudal Serf - you need to post this as a picture to add to 12160's collection/album.

Good find BTW .. . wabbit!

Thanks Wabbit ... I enjoy making these things!

Yeah, what Wabbit said. I think that you will get a lot more views if you post them in the pic section.

Awesome work done in the pics btw!

How do I do that, Tara?

Cheers MFS

Just click to add photos here:

The nice thing about adding photos here is that you can add multiple pics using the uploader.

BTW... there's a Photos link at the top of every page on the left hand side. From there you click on +add to get to the uploading page.

Cheers back at ya ;)

In a nutshell they have replaced quartine with importation because the elites feel itis cheaper than using guns and rockets to defeat America.

Also it gives them 'plausible deniability' ... blame some un-named civil service employee for and administrative lapse ... the usual blame game.

At this point our best defense is to let everyone, especially the young people know that it it was the GOV./ Elites that allowed this pandemic because of population control agenda  if the young people even think the system is libel  they will lose face and be without excuse.

I think this may be of interest, if it has already been posted I apologize ahead of time and give my permission to remove it to anyone that see fit to do so.

I would also like to point out the Ebola virus can survive without a organic host at temperatures in the rage of 39.2 plus degrees Fahrenheit for several days and at -94 degrees Fahrenheit indefinitely. 

What will happened to the virus in the vomit washed into the gutter at the apartment complex where the infected individual lived, how long will it survive? How much will it mutate when in it runs into the chemicals, pesticides and so on in the sewers?


Another brainstorm!

What did they do during the bubonic plague ( black death) during the last dark age?

As I have mentioned before you can look up ;

Health Benefits of Smoking Tobacco

Juniper Russo

and also other sources such as ;

Smoking and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease: Review of the Epid.... Res. 2000 Aug;113(1-2):117-20.

Nicotine Use in Schizophrenia: The Self-Medication Hypothesis. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. Volume 29, Issue 6. 2005; 1021-1034

Nitric Oxide Mediates Therapeutic Effect of Nicotine in Ulcerative ... Nov;14(11):1429-34.

Urinary Cotinine Concentration Confirms the Reduced Risk of Preecla.... Am J Obstet Gynecol 1999;181:1192-6

Cigarette Smoking Can Dramatically Affect Appetite and Weight Contr..., 1-Nov-2004.

FDA: Anti-smoking drugs can make you crazy. Los Angeles Times. July 1, 2009.

 Another book that would be helpful to those that know nothing about vacinnes and medicines is;

Another simple book to those that know nothing about vacinnes and medicines is;

"Exploring The History of Medicine"-John Hudson TinerISBN: 0-80951-248-5 / Master Books.

It'smoreofan adolenste bookthat can getyou on the right track.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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