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lolz... they were never "lost", this tech ignorant soulless blob of bloated shit never realized when it comes to Email servers, and in particular, Fed Gubmint Email servers, there will always be multiple redundant servers in other places constantly doing backups (cross the street or cross a couple states) for continuity in case the current active one explodes, hard drive failure, power outages, hackers, or just plain stolen

Or in the Succubus bitch's case here....wiped with a cloth

Nice juicy site there Chris...thanks

i found her emails, they were all asking for money on FB and telling me that Trump was a lyer, murderer, hate woman, zenophobia, and hate the gays.

if you would have added, and a narcissist

you would have just damn near described my brother...lmao ...xcept he doesn't hate women...he just uses them....


lol awwwwe, yah there are a lot of guys out there like that, men too.

Copied and placed in Killa Hilla's Special Place, Thanks Chris

Hilla the Killa's Corner

Sorry Butcher of Benghazi, I think all this current Biden rigamaro combined w/ his wacky assklown son's stupid ass mis-adventures is getting to be some stiff competition for ya as it currently unfolds before us . Besides I'm right now having a helluva time trying decide which of these 2 High Crimes of Treason against The State you've committed is the worse... Letting 4 Americans die in Benghazi on purpose, or your involvement with your other 2 felonious criminal cronies (Barry & Biden) in killing Seal Team 6 to cover up the massively fraudulent lie of killing a fake OBL (the real OBL, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, has been dead since Dec 2001)....

awww fuk it, with the huge number of scandals you've created or been involved with, + adding the huge numbers of victims in your Clinton death count talley + having Vince Foster murdered, + getting  Kadafi massacred by his own...your paltry email server scam pales in comparison...

You WIN win the title of "The most evil traitorous Succubus piece of dried-up dog shit still alive" ...Congratulations Killer!

now get up those gallows stairs and take it like the man you are....

if I believed in that Heaven & Hell myth, I'd say rot in eternal hell bitch

So I'll just say..may your disgusting putrid ass rot in the ground while your twisted conscienceless of evil fades into that big black void of nothing ya evil POS!


I need to sit down and have coffee with you someday.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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