Netherlands CRUMBLES into WEF run dictatorship, Dutch uprising spreads | Redacted w/ Clayton Morris

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All these so called elites NEED TO DIE, it is a handfull of fkn nothins that have caused untold misery around the world. I am calling for all of schwabs minions to be arrested convicted(crimes against humanity) and publicly EXECUTED. These fkn prix are the only"NON" ESSENTIAL positions in our world as they contribute diddly squat to the betterment of mankind.

Death and destruction is all they have to offer, nothing beneficial to society wars and fear is all they have to sell. NITROGEN&CO2  are NECESSARY FOR LIFE as any 7th grade student knows, only the elite are pollutants on this rock and it's way past time to fight back and TAKE OUT THE TRASH.


thanks Steve, I fully agree, Although, we know who they are for the most part, fuck taking those to court, just hang them from the light polls.

Hey Mac,

 I wasn't talking about "their juw courts" I was talking about the many COMMON LAW or constitutional courts of law that have been forming across this country.Their courts are contract courts which is clearly explained in my previous post

This is by any measure the BEST how to beat the prix at their own scam/game in their "commmercial/contract courts"

It's damn good info Mac check it out. These pricks are aiming to kill me and mine so I want to kill em right back and it's past time for all this kum by ya feel goody good peaceful crap to end THEY MEAN TO KILL US.


Interesting discussion guys I think to a large part farmers are ungovernable. In my country many farmers are in their Own co-ops. Shares in these companies are not available to the general public or others not directly involved in farming so they keep a tight grip on their combined interests for the prosperity of themselves and rightfully so. When it comes to interfering jew type courts with a focus on environmental bs it is common law - human rights components that win the day and cause backfire Fails. In our example it was the attempt to limit livestock ( meat & milk ) farmers to water access by strict quotas imposed which failed because living man has a Right to water for himself, family, and His Livestock. (sadly the same Rights did not apply for Horticulture farming) so they bummed out. The farmers also own the ammonia urea plant and keep a tight grip on that as well. If interfering jews crap out in one area they quickly move into other areas well away from where they failed thinking no one will notice. ( in our case it's the "trust framework" causing concern now - nothing to do with farming and all about digital ID so if you hear this word mentioned in your country you'll know who's in on it and if we allow it to happen it will follow us around like a very bad smell - but ha we are onto ((Their)) game.)

Wow that's a fine example steve of good productivity. We should all try our hand at growing something in our yards that can provide for ourselves or be swopped between neighbours.( I'm starting off my tobacco seeds now and have goto kola, chocolate-mint, and aloe vera in the garden, I haven't tried growing vegetables yet but you've inspired me to give it a go come spring ) 


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