Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is 'suspicious'

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 16:44 EST, 6 August 2012 | UPDATED: 04:00 EST, 7 August 2012

Facebook has become such a pervasive force in modern society that increasing numbers of employers, and even some psychologists, believe people who aren't on social networking sites are 'suspicious.'

The German magazine Der Taggspiegel went so far as to point out that accused theater shooter James Holmes and Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik have common ground in their lack of Facebook profiles.

On a more tangible level, reports that human resources departments across the country are becoming more wary of young job candidates who don't use the site.

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Are you serious?   You've got a lot of homework to do.  

Well, I must be suspicious as all hell, damn the bad luck ;) I suppose the psychologist community will come up with some kind of syndrome to label all of us "Non F-Book" users and come out with a magic pill to cure of us of our supposed affliction. What a bunch of BS!

This is scary.   The powers that be seem to be dead serious about forcing everyone onto their social networking sites where we can be profiled, tracked, databased, pigeonholed, rewarded, punished, and controlled.   I predict that in a few short years, Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn accounts, or some future form of social networking identity, will become MANDATORY as a form of primary identification; it may even eventually outrank the driver's license.  Refusal to participate will be punishable by overwhelming social rejection, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and eventually, jail time.  The next step after that will be even more draconian; imagine a future Supreme Court ruling declaring every citizen be compelled by law to tweet or post a minimum of once a day or face penalties / increased scrutiny.

I saw this. F%&k those pretentious psychologists. As if they had a clue about anything...

Psychology is a scam.Hundreds of dollars per hour for talking absolute shit.

It all stemmed from Sigmund Freud,what a wanker.

Well actually....   And you can see my view point by going to the first page... and you will see that I lambast the psychologist who expressed the ridiculous assertion regarding facebook and did so more articulately than raymond above. Psychology is not a scam; the knowledge obtained via hard core psych research for more than 60 years is, in the main, quite valid. It is how it is used that is the issue. The patients I see for either evaluative or therapeutic services are, indeed, served quite well. And I have fought many battles with DSS (CPS in my state) to protect families and parents. You will find few from any venue who can be more articulately anti-fascist/ anti-government than I. Many psychologists do a decent job helping folk... No doubt, as we all know, some are owned by the matrix and 'service' it rather than serve their patients. But the statements made by raymond are simply ignorant, overreaching and untrue. By the way....  some of my patients pay nothing. They have need, no insurance, no medicaid but the have the need. So they pay nothing. Unless they want to bake a decent pie for me. Some pay what is acceptable to their insurance carriers.(rarely more than about $125.00/hr and believe me, I do my work for that + my expertise and at the most, $250.00/hour whilst I am on the stand, in say, a child custody case... if I need to appear in court... and again, I give fair service for what they pay. ... So, raymond... get a clue. If you want to spend more than 12 years in school (past high school) plus years of experience to charge that much.. go for it. I know auto dealers' mechanics who get that much.... and since I've restored several British and German sportscars and can rebuild a Silverado transmission....   maybe I should change professions. Get it? It is a lot less grief to rebuild a transmission. Plus.. it did not all stem from Sigmund. Read history.

What,electric shock therapy produced excellent data.Lots of evil shit origionated in the mind of Freud/fraud.Lots of his theories were implemented,like cigarette manufacturing companies using the suffragette movement to glorify smoking,everything has to start somewhere.I,agree that it might be of some help if used right,but we are AUs away from using this for good.99.9% of psychology is looking for ways to control humanbeings and Richard,I think you may be too close to the profession and maybe you are a little bit brainwashed.

History is mostly lies,made up stories about 5% true 95% fabrication.

You bring up (2) two items to disparage 60+ years of research by thousands of folk.... And the second item was probably by Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays. Do you even know who he was? And what he did? There are a lot of reasons to criticize psychologists just as there to criticize physicians and others in many professional fields. And there are always reasons to criticize any professional field's members collusion with government run and directed at the highest levels by the Rothschild dynasty, and other globalist elites. And since I have studied this, I believe I could criticize them much more effectively than you. You... *we* .. have been deceived, dumbed down, and mind controlled in ways I doubt you can imagine. It goes far far beyond even obvious false flag events like 9/11, Operation Gladio etc., which most professionals and the masses, including psychologists ignored predominantly. Do know why they did? Do you know what propaganda/dis/mis information techniques were used to control public thought? But even beyond that obvious example, do you even know the history of your own nation? (presuming you are American). Do you believe the Constitution applies to you? It does not. Do you believe the "United States" truly won the Revolutionary War? (learn to read law and go read the 1783 Treaty of Peace) Did you know the Government preceding the writing of the Constitution (the one based upon the Articles of Confederation) acknowledged bankruptcy to the Crown (Do you know what the Crown is?)  .. and which was subsequently also affirmed in the Constitution. Did you know that England (via George and the Rothschild bankers) provided the money that France 'lent' to us as well. Do you know what John Jay's treaty did? Do you know what happened in 1861 that changed the government of this nation forever and why. And what addition treason of Lincoln occurred in 1863... the result of which rules you today and gives the so-called president the authority to decide whatever he wishes to do irrespective of the judicial and congressional branches of government? Do you realize how the 14th amendment screwed you royally....  and enslaved you? And why you Do Not want to be a U. S. citizen. But because you are presumed to be a U.S. citizen you have NO rights at all. Nada. Do you know where the money you pay in income taxes goes? To whom? Do you know who owns the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank... and why it was established? Do you know what happened as a consequence of the banker's engineered 'Great Depression' .... one of which was modification of the Trading With The Enemies Act .... which defines YOU as an enemy alien to the so-called government of the U.S. Do you know how and why these and other events led to your state, county, city governments now existing as 'private companies' ... corporations, none of which have de Jure authority. I guess, in the end, I can only say, do you realize how thoroughly you have been deceived/misled just as have all those poor sods in all the various professions, including psychology. Lastly, do you realize why folk like Alex Jones, Mike Rivera and other so-called whistleblowers/revealers won't talk about any of this stuff? And how very thoroughly information you receive about nearly everything has been controlled for so long?

Ah... what the hell. Who cares? Do you? Probably not. So please forgive my rant at 3:30 a.m.EST

I know well who Bernays was and I am not American I am IRISH.Living in Republic of Ireland.

We are dealing with the queen and her minion long before America.

History is written by the winners,and the direction the world is heading in now is built on lies.I know its hard for older people to look back on their life and come to terms with living a lie,but it is what it is.Plus.

Psychological analysis does not work on the Irish.

How would I know you are Irish? By the way, my mother was Irish... I have a lot of respect for the Irish... they suffered more at the hands of the English than any group and that is saying a lot. My biggest problem with the falsified history is the fact of the lies. And the continued deception. Oh, and I do not 'do' psychological analysis unless the man or the woman requests it of me. Not if the entity/person/government/court/fiction of law ....   makes the request.

Well done Richard you sound like an honest man ,really nice chatting to you,have a great weekend.Ray.


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