Thousands of cases of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) have been seen across the country since mid-August, landing scores of children in intensive care units with acute respiratory distress. Not only is there no end in sight to this current and extremely rare outbreak (at least in this country), a disturbing new symptom is presenting itself in children who have been infected with EV-D68...paralysis.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced that nine children in Colorado recently presented with polio-like symptoms, with muscle weakness and paralyzed limbs. Four of the children have tested positive for EV-D68, while health officials are still awaiting the test results for the others.

On Friday, the CDC issued an official health advisory to U.S. physicians, which stated:

"Common features included acute focal limb weakness and specific findings on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spinal cord consisting of non-enhancing lesions largely restricted to the gray matter. In most cases, these lesions spanned more than one level of the spinal cord. Some also had acute cranial nerve dysfunction with correlating non-enhancing brainstem lesions on MRI."

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We've got the 'Open Border' polio like virus spreading rapidly in the southwest and now Ebola has come to the US. It's time to get our immune systems battle ready folks. I'm not saying that Ebola and this polio virus is going to go hyper viral, but on the same token... you just never know and it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

CDC: 4-Year-Old NJ Boy Who Died Had Enterovirus D68

I believe this all ties into the major influx of illegal alien children and adults into the US in the past several months. They are bringing with them disease and now we are seeing it pop up in areas of the country where they were sent to live. How nice of our beloved Govt... idiots!!!

They used to throw deceased bodies with catapults to cities under siege in order to make the defenders of the city sick in the old times. Knowing the population reduction agenda, I believe this virus outbreak in the USA is no accident but a form of biological warfare where live people are used as weapons. Just imagine what the criminal cabal will do with Ebola now in their bio-weapon arsenal.

How loving of them. This is pure insanity. I can't even fathom that level of evil.

Watch... soon enough they will be tying Ebola and EV-68 to ISIS and the evil Muslims.

The world we live in is an asylum run by maniacs.

Proof: Virus leaving U.S. children paralyzed did come from Central ...

"While the evidence seems to point to the recent surge of illegal aliens as the cause of the EV-D68 outbreak, now there is proof...

A 2013 Defense Department study conducted in Central and South America on patients with flu-like illness, did identify EV-D68 in some of the test subjects. All 3,375 test subjects were age 25 or under.

The CDC now reports that cases of EV-D68 have been seen in 43 states as well as the District of Columbia. However, unofficially, the virus which has left many children with permanent breathing problems and limb paralysis, has also taken the life of four U.S. children, since mid-August."

Another manufactured virus, no doubt.  Likely delivered by Our friendly neighborhood "geoengineers" spraying the virus upon Us.  I don't think it's illegals that are the problem; They are the scapegoats.  None of Them seem to have been identified as having the disease, to My knowledge.


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