Why One Poll Says 45% Would Rather Skip Christmas

Despite a whittling away of consumer debt that has been underway since the recession, many Americans are still entering the holiday season unprepared to cope with the expenses that crop up around this time of year.

Holiday Shoppers
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For many Americans, tight finances put a stress-free holiday season just out of reach.

Think Finance, a provider of payday loans and other financial services for consumers with limited or no access to banking services, recently surveyed 1,000 Americans across all income levels who use various forms of alternative financial services — including payday loans, prepaid debit cards and direct deposit advances.

Although many of these consumers are on better financial footing and optimistic about their economic future this year, the holidays are still a source of stress and strain on their precarious finances, Think Finance said in the poll.

Some 45 percent of those polled said the holiday season brings so much financial pressure, they would prefer to skip it altogether. Almost half said their level of stress related to holiday expenses is high or extremely high.

That’s probably because nearly the same amount — some 45 percent — say they do not expect to have enough money set aside to cover holiday expenses.

Although those percentages are high, they are an improvement over a survey Think Finance conducted last year. However, it should be noted that survey focused only on consumers who earned less than $50,000 and used alternative financial services, while this year’s survey also polled consumers in higher income brackets. That suggests the financial anxiety may be more widespread than it had been in prior years.

Eight-five percent of those in this year’s survey plan to spend the same amount of money or less on gifts this year, with 54 percent planning to spend $500 or less, and 27 percent planning to spend between $500 and $1,000 on holiday gifts.

To make those purchases, about two-thirds of these consumers are looking into various options to help ease the financial pinch of holiday gift buying. Still, they wish they had more options, according to Think Finance's poll.

Some 41 percent planned to use layaway programs, an option that has grown easier and cheaper this year as retailers waive fees and extend the timeframe for making payments.

Yet don’t think of layaway as only a tool for the poor. Half of the consumers polled in the survey who make between $75,000 and $99,999, said they would put items on layaway, and 32 percent who earn more than $100,000 said they did.


(Opted out years ago) ;)

Sub Story: Is It Worth It? A Look at Layaway and Toy Reservations.

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The main thing people do before Christmas is spending which is exactly what the banking cabal wants. Christmas is an old sun worship celebration when the old sun dies and the new on is born (sun - son). Winter (summer on the southern hemisphere) solstice has everything to do with occult sun worship and little to do with what Christ Jesus taught and was not his birthday. Sun worship supports materialism and is driving people deeper to debt slavery through excessive spending on things that people mostly don't need. According to the poll it looks like that the mind control promoting spending is failing, a good news.

Symbols of Christmas are symbols of mind control

Star - Saturn - Satan - mind control with five basic drives and feelings of fear, sex, joy, sorrow and hate

Christmas tree - symbol of human sacrifice during occult feasts

Shiny balls dangling from the branches of the Christmas tree - symbols of planet worship

Father Christmas - Santa Claus - dressed in blood red - Grand Master executing the sacrifice


Mr. Prone, Think you for your post. it is well thought out. Thanks.

Now. If he could, he would,, would what?. Obama, our President of the United States of America, would abolish Christmas altogether. but,,, he may be mad but he is not stupid. he knows that Walmart needs Christmas and millions of shoppers with credit and debit cards and maybe even cash at Christmas.

When he (Obama) gets his NWO there will be only the memories of 'Christmas past' for the slaves on the planet.

                Sorry, we don't calibrate That pagan 'satiable' called 'Christmas' at the Whitehouse.

"Despite a whittling away of consumer debt that has been underway since the recession, many Americans are still entering the holiday season unprepared to cope with the expenses that crop up around this time of year."

Its only when the so called Christ-ians realize, that the celebration of Christmas is not about throwing money at the Walmart CEOs, might they be able to climb out of that money pit. 

I am not a Christian...I am a pagan.  I celebrate the one time in the year that people have a sense of family.

I refuse to celebrate through shopping but in my honest heartfelt effort of food.  I want to give my love for them, my appreciation of them, I serve them this one time of the year in tandum with other good people who love, who laugh.  A time to celebrate their unique way of joy.

Times are bleak only if you buy into the system.  Red pill or blue.  Celebrate your God given right of happiness.  Celebrate life as your God has given all of us.  Human resonance is the very same as the earth 78.3 hertz we are in step.  Rubber shoes block this resonance, feel the earth.  With out this connection we lose our creativity, performance, our stress is increased along with anxiety and then the immune system is affected.  Look for the simple beauty that is life...not things but reality.  

We have towers everywhere...they are disrupting our connection with our earth, with our creator.  http://www.cafemom.com/journals/read/1342405/_I_make_orgonite_and_s... ~ make your own orgonite protection for you and your family.  

I wish peace and love...I wish for our Creator to wake up the people.  Rebel...radiation in your homes, radiaiton on your phones, radiation in your microwave and cell phones ~ think...that would be your gift to your loved ones.  Think about them and correct the problem.

Deborah, re your bold statement.."I am not a Christian...I am a pagan." well, " I am not a pagan, I am a Christian" but.. as I read your post I have to wonder if your are,,,,, something else, Perhaps just a simple child of God 's creation who only ,,,  just wants to love all the other children of the Creator. Bless you dear lady.

Look Davie, the church was able to bring the Christmas Cress back in front of the church this year. Its been gone for five years. wow. let's go tell dad and mom....

I will be opting out again this year, except for one tiny indulgence. I will go to the hood and get the most awesome tamales ever! If you live in the southwestern US, tamales are the traditional Christmas meal.

Well, how about we discard the pagan holiday altogether, since it is NOT Christ's birthday (He was born in late September or early October) and focus on living, and we can always provide a gift anytime of the year if we can afford it.  Why let just another corporate system of slave drivers make you feel guilty and force you into even more debt?

I read that Christ was born in July.

Well I am Christian and I don't see a whole lot left Christian about Christmas, or Pagan either. I tend to agree with Deborah, this time should be sharing with the ones you love. I grew up poor, those who could and wanted to give gifts did. It might be food, something bought, or something they made... dollar had no bearing. The main thing was getting together and the food, spectacular. My wife and I try and buy everybody at least something and only buy what we can afford and try to do it equally, no borrowing allowed, we quit that years ago. The real thing is the meal we have together, or what is left of us, and the company we keep. We even have our animals Christmas gifts. Sweet Feed and treats. This is my 4th Christmas out of Browns after spending 25 of them there. It ain't about the gifts that can be bought. We've went well over the amounts listed but I would love to double that to spend another Christmas with the ones gone, yet they could have cared less about the commercial part. Good food. Good people. Peace

Christmas is not a God approved holy day.  Leviticus 23 gives three holy periods; and Deuteronomy 4:2 commands not to add or subtract from God's word.  In Revelation and in the Book of Daniel, the abominable church, changes times and seasons.  Gandhi promoted non-violent non-cooperation as a means of overcoming oppressive practices; the people just refuse to participate.  It seems that that will be what is required because the churches refuse to be corrected.  Jesus said, Except your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and religious leaders, you shall in no case enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is the same for Easter.  Sunday is not to be honored because Jesus rose on that day; he rose on the third day after Passover and that is on Sunday only every seventh year.   Jesus must stay in heaven until the times of restitution (restoration) of all things spoken of by the holy prophets.. Acts 3.19, Luke 16:31, Matthew 4:4, Leviticus 23, Exodus 20:8-11 7th day Sabbath of no work.  REPENT and be SAVED from oppressive holy day and much more.

This Christmas tree, yule log, etc are ancient Norse traditions.  You joyless buzz kills can call them Pagan if you like, whatever. You celebrate your holiday the way you want but don't tell me how to celebrate mine.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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