What would You do to solve a radical problem? One that You experience the effects of daily. One that has likely left You in a rat race, just one of the rats plugging Your energy in to the profit of a corporation that cares little for You. It is a radical problem, and radical problems require radical solutions. Would You be willing to do radical (but peaceful, Ethical) things to solve for that radical problem?

I Have a Blueprint:


The Detailed Blueprint:





Endia – A Short Story by Amaterasu Solar


Quite the Opposite – A Short Story for Change – by Amaterasu Solar


The Abundance Paradigm – A Novella by Amaterasu Solar


My father taught Me never to believe anything. He told Me to place probabilities and adjust them as new data come along, asking the question, "Does that explain what I see?," when evaluating data. He was an aerospace engineer, and worked with T Townsend Brown (see My featured vid on YouTube). From a very early age I was concerned that the way I was told things worked, in terms of government and social affairs, did not explain what I saw. So the first few decades I worked to determine WHY this was.

I wound up in banking, seeing the flow of things in the headquarters of a major bank in Los Angeles. I became intimately familiar with the flow of money, and economics. I asked the question, "Why do We use money?"

When the web arrived, My research capabilities flourished, and I learned much that explained what I saw, but the only explanations I found for why We use money started with trade and barter, which are still money in a direct form, and did not answer the WHY. Then, I came upon the explanation that these were used because, with a finite amount of stuff, it was to ensure that We got Our "fair share" in a scarcity environment, in exchange for the work We added.

From this I realized the WHY. We were accounting for Our energy input into things. And that We needed to do this because the Human energy was scarce compared to what We needed to be produced (back then).

I also discovered that over half Our planet's wealth was "owned" by fewer than 100 Humans...

I was very interested in psychology, too. And studied it deeply, being fascinated by psychopathy, focusing on that aberration, learning that They had discovered a gene that manifested Individuals who were incapable of love, compassion, caring, and empathy for Others - primary psychopaths. Seeing that the wealth was so disproportionate, and that the families who "owned" it inbred, what would explain what I saw would be that They wanted to retain that psychopathic gene. Given that the wealth could feed, clothe, house ALL of Us (and give Us freedom) abundantly and many times over, and yet None set forth to care for Humanity, I had to give probability approaching 100% that They are psychopaths, as that explains perfectly what I see, and answers My quest for why the way I was told things worked did not explain what I saw.

And I asked... If I was a psychopath, with enough wealth to buy anything and anyOne I wanted to, and given that money = power (power over Others is something psychopaths seek), would I be motivated to create a false "reality" for the masses and thereby manipulate Them? I think You can figure out what answer I came up with. And would that explain what I see? Absolutely.

Now, given that money is merely the accounting token used to account for Our Human energy, it would follow that free energy would threaten fully the accounting for Our energy. If I was a psychopath, with enough money to buy sites like Wikipedia, the media, the education system, etc., would I do all I could to suppress and hide free energy?

And given I personally know that electrogravitics offers both gravity control and energy from the aether, and that it went into black projects, such efforts to hide and suppress would explain what I see completely.

So I am neither a "conspiracy theorist," nor am I a "conspiritard," but rather... I am a conspiracy analyst. And given this analysis, knowing that conspiracies are the NORM in history and that they didn't just stop some years back, I conclude that conspiracies abound. That explains perfectly what I see.

Love always.

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I watched all your vids and understand what you are trying to say. I have what I consider a faster way, DECLARE ALL NATURAL RESOURCES PUBLIC PROPERTY,( WATER,oil gas timber etc.)disband all private for profit companies and make them truly public,abolish all taxpayer funded feel good projects (monopolies)where those running these tax grab companies pay themselves millions without exerting one iota of real work. As far as "robots" I'll pass even though it's damn hard work there's no better feeling than a job well done whether cranking a rebuilt engine or planting the first crops seeds. Yes it's tiring hard work and I'm not opposed to MECHANICAL innovation but I;LL PASS ON A TIN CAN DOING MY WORK FOR ME.Humans are not made to sit on their butts and eat bon bons, just look at the hogs waddleing the isles at Walmart.

The main thing as I see it is WHITE PEOPLE just won't stick together they all have their own petty problems and cant see beyond the end of their noses


That will never happen.  As long as psychopaths are in control, We cannot win.  And the key to removing Them is free energy.  As long as We kowtow to "authority," They win.  The government is a CORPORATION, owned by Them.  Trying to do anything in Their system = We lose.

And on that robot thing...  As I point out over and over, no robots needed if We have enough People who WANT to do a given necessary job.  In what I offer, no One HAS to have robots - but don't deny them to Ones who DO.

And to be sure, Most will NOT "sit on their butts and eat bon bons, just look at the hogs waddleing the isles at Walmart."  They only do such things because They cannot AFFORD to do what They dream of doing.  The food is degraded by the psychopaths in control - high fructose corn syrup is a high evil.  I once weighed 276 pounds (at 5'3") and when I made no change in My calories but went from HFCS to sugar, I lost 50 lbs in 3 months.

Lastly, it's not "WHITE PEOPLE."  It's People.  Irrespective of lineage, religion, or affiliation.  Any dividing Humans along such lines serves the psychopaths in control.

98% of all the good things in life come froooooooooooooom WHITE PEOPLE,U can deny ,play pretend or dream of "Wakanda" don't change the facts that the majority of the comforts we enjoy come from the white race who made the mistake of ALLOWING the rest of the world to enjoy the fruits of our labor IE A HOUSE DEVIDED CAN NOT STAND.  Diversity is a CURSE, HATE ME AND MINE IF u WANT BUT THIS battle AHEAD HAS no room for feelings, It must be fought with LOGIC and courage. I do agree the crap in the stores is not food but chemical concoctions U mention HFCS but neglect to mention SOY it is in everything, it's responsible for all these limp wristed beta males as it produces ESTROGEN in males.

         I left a 80,000 $ a year job in 93 to live below the poverty level here in the hills finding the difference between my NEEDS and my WANTS.I can find no reason or excuse to allow oneself to balloon to"276#" as I once went to 220  didn't blame it on anything but my sweet tooth SO I QUIT EATING (those hunger pains last about10 minutes) garbage and drank plenty of water and only ate 1 meal a day.

  As far as this "robot nonsense" give it a rest I watched the JETSONS when I was a child but when I became a MAN I put away chidish imaginary things and got on with life. In grade school they told us about "rocket cars and jet packs" childish nonsense,it seems the technology is limited to a new TELEPHONE which allows faster thumb masturbation and Roomba the robot vacuum that smears DOG CRAP throughout the house. Call me crazy but I have no cell phone( A SINGLE LAND LINE) and can't for the life of me understand the "robot attraction" THING  while 10 people ina room wont even look at or speak to their fellow earthlings. If you are so big on diversity U should spread those thoughts in Japan or china or India they are a ONE FLAVOR PLACE ,HOW COME ITS ONLY  WHITE COUNTRIES THAT NEED DEVISION??????????


Some group of People were bound to be ahead.  That it happened to be some of one variety of Human is really irrelevant.

All the rest of Your rant makes it quite clear We do not see eye to eye.  I might suspect You of having low Self esteem and need to bolster it by feeling superior on a number of points.  Whatever.  Do have a nice life.

Why were ONE group of people "bound to be ahead" if it is "irrelevant how come they come to the "ahead countries" Stating FACTS is not a rant.

I like the guy I see in the mirror, Did U fergit the ol so tired "white  supremist" horsehockey that your kind has worn thin . Instead of disputing one single point or fact you call me made up names like I would expect from a child. I have a great life here on the farm. Look no further than any former great American city (my hometown of Balt. Md. is a prime example of entitlement) to see where your "diversity" leads. In the mean time come on back to reality.


Yup.  You're right.  Have a nice life.

 Natural Diversity will Enhance a community. Forced Diversity Will Destroy it. This is what I see, when the govt. stirs up hatred towards selected races or groups of people in order to pamper other races or religions, those that have been undermined Will regroup and go underground, and that's the Best case scenario, at worst the effected individuals will internalise that hatred and explode in violence at any moment. I have seen such an event, At my own work place, a migrants windscreen was smashed with a metal bar by a hostile white worker, for driving a little close to the footpath. I felt sorry for the migrant, it wasn't deserved. I did not feel sad about the car as it was the departmental vehicle, and that was deserved.   

I agree, and that is why what I offer in the foundation I propose, no One is forced to do anything.  No One is forced to live in poverty (though They may if They wish).  No One is forced to move (though They may...), and no psychopaths can be promoted to power over Others to foment the myriad artificial divides We see today.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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