There have been drones flying over Dallas and its suburbs. I am in a suburb of Dallas, Mesquite.  I have seen these on four occasions.  They are very loud and have lots of lights.  They were cylindrical and long. 

I watched as one circled around Mesquite then flew straight over my house.  Very unsettling.

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I can only imagine.

I will rue the day that I finally see them over my land.

I know its coming the assimilation has been in the works longer than I have been alive.

We will all have to learn to become invisible to survive.

Get off the grid, or be capable of surviving without modern facilities. 

Maybe then we can have enough time to regroup.

You are absolutely right, Mystery. I pray that day never comes for you. Or for anyone. But I fear it may.  We have to do what we can do to survive, and crank up our faith.

I lived in Mesquite a few years. I'm surprised someone in Texas hasn't taken one of these drones down yet, lol.

Cool!  I grew up in Pleasant Grove (Dallas), its now a war zone. Truly. I moved to Mesquite 30 years ago. I've owned two house here and its been pretty good. Getting worse.  LOL, just wait till those Bubba's figure out what they are seeing up there!  Ka-Plow-ee!  And they fly low, too.  (shakes head)  Gonna be hell on the end of a shotgun in Big D!

I thought I did hear they're going to concentrate the drones on the border states, thereafter the drugs!!!

They brought them in and now they want them back!

I would call them Indian givers, but that would be an insult to my ancestry.


You got it!  It's got to do with drugs they 'allow' to come over.  They are the biggest dope dealers on earth. Hell, Britain destroyed all of China with opium!  They've been at this stuff for a long time.  Its not for the borders, they want the borders open. Their agenda is to create a third world country here. They've got it, too.

I've seen drones in Laredo, Texas.  They are long cylindrical, blue & white airplanes.  Sometimes they fly low enough for me to see the camera in the belly of the beast. 

Wow, Hector!  This one (at dark) had sooo many lights on it that I couldnt make out much. Like the guy said in the infowars link, the pics online resembled what he saw.  That's what I found. But like you said, its cylindrical. And it did sound like a very loud lawnmower.

I got an e-mail from WND that one of thier journalist was being stocked by a drone .

Thank you, Karen!


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