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Nanotek Inn

https://archive.md/O8uUS  <~~~~ I hope this works. ( found in vaxx nz )…


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Technology to Save the Existence of the US

Image result for Us Military Rail Gun

In the late 1990’s one military analyst predicted that when the battlefield was finally digitized there would be no escaping annihilation, that there would be no safe hiding places. Without the use of nuclear scorched earth doctrine, conventional weapons could be so accurate that decimation would be inescapable. If that isn’t horrible enough, Great Britain was the first nation to experiment with and refine its rail gun. Using a launch…


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The Shape of Things to Come

Image result for images of the corridors of time

The Shape of Things to Come


Struggling down the darkened corridors of time

Vaguely remembering when I was in my prime

Never realized how life could be such a steep climb

All for the grandfather’s clock chime,…


Added by Doc Vega on January 31, 2022 at 11:53am — 2 Comments

Convoy 'Fake News', The 'Racist' Slant

Well, the desperate dogs in the presstitute lying whore media are at it again.

They spent days bad-mouthing the convoy and giving it their demonic Disney best to spin fairytales of fear and 'threats'. "Racist extreme elements" and all the slanderous accusations that come with it. Claiming politicians and media whores had received 'threats' and intimidations. I don't completely doubt all the claims. If you're a low life vampire sucking globalist lap dog pharma whore politician…


Added by luggnutz on January 30, 2022 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

Covid Shots: Sterilizing An Entire Generation

Chuck Baldwin: Thursday, January 27, 2022

In past columns, I have shown how hundreds of thousands of people—of all ages, nationalities, occupations, health histories, etc.—have died after receiving one or more of the Covid shots. But here is a part of the story that is being largely overlooked; and it is grotesque and gruesome.

Here is the report from Health Impact News:

Now that we have a full year of injecting people with an…


Added by Sweettina2 on January 28, 2022 at 2:22pm — 2 Comments

Crash at Roswell

Image result for WW2 UFO Sightings

Crash at Roswell


I’m a resistor of space and time

A nonlinear dimension into which I climb

Cutting through the atmosphere in my disk

Where interceptor pilots are at risk,

 …Image result for WW2 UFO Sightings


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What Your Federal and State Government Have Done to You

Hundreds of immigrants are in a wait at the border between Greec. Idomeni, Greece - September 24 , 2015: Hundreds of immigrants are in a wait at the border royalty free stock photography

The year of 2021 was a wild and scary ride. We saw a federal government along with Democrat run states and cities that did just about everything they could to destroy the country. They do not respect the US Constitution. They do not respect your rights as an American. When are some of you people going to get that through your heads? Any government that would leave its borders wide open while locking down their down their own citizens,…


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Covid 19 Lobotomizing of the American People

Image result for creepy corona virus medical images

Ever since the outbreak of the corona virus, which the media, government, and medical authorities characterized as the modern plague, conventional and effective medicines were prohibited, for the first time it was the healthy people who were quarantined, and medical experts who warned of the faulty measures and vaccines were silenced, even drummed out of their practices. Sounds more like the actions of a totalitarian state or a Communist…


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The Time Tested Strategy of Divide and Conquer Socially and Militarily Pt. 2


It would be impossible to continue on with Part 2 without the noble mention of further actions taken by the elements of Taffy 1, 2, and 3 against a massively superior Japanese armada that for all practical means and purposes should have crushed the small poorly defended fleet under Rear Admiral Sprague. If that had happened, then too the troops ships that were to land on the shore of several Philippine shores would have been slaughtered…


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