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Preparing for Biological and Chemical Terrorism: A Practical Guide to Antibiotics and

Disclaimer and Background

This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to help in the event of biological and chemical weapons attacks on civilian populations. It is not provided in order to diagnose or treat any disease, illness, or injury of the body, mind, or spirit.…


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Media disinformation on guns continues in Texas open carry hit piece

David Codrea

“Sitting down for dinner at any Texan diner, in my experience, often involves guns,” Rachel Stewart of the…


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Nintendo issues age warning on its 3D games

Nintendo issues age warning on its 3D games

Dec 30 06:55 AM US/Eastern

Japan's Nintendo has issued a health warning over the 3D function on its

upcoming gaming console, recommending children aged six and under do

not play with it to prevent damage to their eyes. At a promotional

event near Tokyo in January, "we will offer 2Ds alone to children aged

six and younger as continuing to… Continue

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This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month

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Quotes that need to be said out loud Again

"Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole

world. Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid

of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and

encourage us

to great and noble Actions -- The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now

upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we

are the

instruments of…


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.....makes sense to me.....


Got this over email.... not sure if it works, but sounds good to me! :)


I want to ask each

of you to consider doing the following when you are talking on the phone to any

US customer service representative that is based in a foreign country (like

India ).  I have done this twice and it works!  Any time you call an

800 number…


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Watch Jessie Ventura 2012 Apocalypse

Hello Everyone,


12160 is doing a great job with this site.  Forgive me for not being more active, but thanks for keeping me updated on the mailing list.  I come across a lot of great information and I will try to post more often.  Here is a great link I think you all would enjoy.  Please comment.  Much love!


44 Minutes of Jessie Ventura's 2012…


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The Coming World Famine: Will 2010 Be The Year The World Runs Out Of Food?

A “perfect storm” of circumstances is coming together that is leading many agriculture experts to predict that we will soon be experiencing a

worldwide food crisis of unprecedented magnitude.  Will 2010 be the year

that the world runs out of food?  Record setting droughts, exploding

populations and crippling crop failures all over the world are combining

to set the stage for a potentially devastating…


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Are You Ready for Mayhem?

Folks living in remote areas are by nature more self-sufficient that urban dwellers. They are used to the fact that they, in most cases, have to rely on their own wits and resources. But 82% of Americans live in cities. As hurricane Katrina painfully reminded us, when tragedy strikes cities, the human loss and material damage is much more devastating because of the density of city population and complexity of city… Continue

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Your All-Around Weapons Cache

You’ve decided that you’re not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter how far down the rabbit hole the world falls, you’re situated in a reasonable location, you have your food stores and a measure of land to grow a garden, enough surrounding land to hunt for game, and let’s face it…at some point there’s not going to be anywhere else to go.…


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US Refuses Cooperation With Poland’s CIA ‘Black Site’ Probe

The U.S. Department of Justice has rejected a request from prosecutors in Warsaw for assistance in the investigation into the alleged CIA prisons in Poland, where captives claim they were tortured.

On 18 March, the Prosecutor’s Office of Appeal in Warsaw filed a motion for legal assistance from the US Department of Justice into the probe.

On 7 October, reports the PAP news agency, the US informed prosecutors that the motion had been rejected on the basis of the…


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Project Pearl: A Story Of Victory Against Tyranny (Original Content)

Project Pearl: A Story Of Victory Against Tyranny

Project Pearl was the name given to the daring operation that successfully smuggled one million Bibles into Communist China during a single night in 1981.

During Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976) the tyrannical Chinese Communists tried to crush all opposition to tyranny including Christianity. Despite the official governmental persecution of all religions, the underground Christian church in China grew and even… Continue

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The media typically comprise large conglomerates - News International, CBS (now merged with Westinghouse), Turner Broadcasting (now merged with Time-Warner) - which may belong to even larger parent corporations such as General Electric (owners of NBC). All are tied into the stock market.

Wealthy people sit on the boards of these major corporations, many with extensive personal and business contacts… Continue

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Destroying Indigenous Populations

by Dahr Jamail

The Fort Laramie Treaty once guaranteed the Sioux Nation the right to a large area of their original land, which spanned several states and included their sacred Black Hills, where they were to have "the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation" of the land.

However, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, President Ulysses S. Grant told the army to look the other way in order to allow gold miners to enter the territory. After repeated violations of… Continue

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Economic Ramblings during the Holiday Season (Original Content within)

Now things are really getting interesting in the world and I'm sure the currency markets. "China invites South Africa to join BRIC: Xinhua"



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Will the real Wikileaks please stand up.

From the infamous “Collateral Murder” video leak, through to the Afghanistan and then Iraq cache of files released, US authorities have been whacking on about the terrible peril this puts US service people in.

But the rhetoric exploding from Washington over the latest Wikileaks dump is astonishing; allegedly they are “infuriated”.

It was reported that US Homeland Security Committee Rep Peter King, urged that Julian Assange be prosecuted for espionage and that Wikileaks be… Continue

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The Great Haitian Genocide of 2010, or, Why & How To Kill A Nation !

As the death toll raises beyond 1000 and the cholera has now spread to Dominica, reports from CNN yesterday were still using the term "Allegation" when discussing the source of the outbreak. This to try and implant the idea that it is all merly conjectured rumours with nothing proven or substantiated, just some poor haitians going insane due to all the "bad luck" this year. There is no such thing as luck...or chance....or accidents. Especially for… Continue

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North American Integration Back on the Front Burner‏‏

In the last year, the bilateral process has been the primary means used to advance North American integration, which has drawn little attention. With the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) seemingly stalled after being exposed and discredited, the U.S. channelled trilateral negotiations to parallel bilateral discussions with both Canada and Mexico. Recent reports of a tentative Canada-U.S. security and trade… Continue

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sonny nathin

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Revolution Is Now

It’s time to rise up/open your eyes up/revolution is now/hope is now/lets walk the path of righteousness /we have the right to this/to never be hopeless/time to witness/the coming/ hear the drumming/the song that you are humming/I’m… Continue

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How to Cultivate a Food Crisis

Buried beneath the avalanche of press coverage about the lame-duck Congress, I found a story about President Obama’s mid-December meeting with twenty corporate CEOs. The purpose of this Blair House get-together was to discuss how to jump-start our still-ailing economy. Among other aims, Mr. Obama reiterated his goals to increase employment, end the recession, and double U.S. exports over the next five years.

These are lofty and laudable ambitions. But it seems that…


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