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Web Hosting Companies Shut Down a Series of Neo-Nazi Websites

I like this move. It gives lie to those who say that Nazis are only agent provocateurs and Feds. And, it eliminates the pressure relief valve of speech. If we can't speak, there's only one thing to do. And I don't mean terrorism or even guerrilla warfare. The impact of those, even if we had nukes, chem or bio weapons at our disposal, are far too small. And they would be co-opted and spun against us. The Nazis are going to introduce technology that changes the whole political game, and pretty…


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Trump on "Closing the Internet Up" 2015

Because ISIS, you know, those terrorists we defeated in Syria? The ones who are still allowed to recruit on social media (while the right-wing are banned every day), and slaughter Christians overseas, and Trump just can't seem to do do anything about any of it?? So much so he doesn't even try?

CSPAN - 2:24…


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Trump's Syria Envoy Says US Will Continue to Support Anti-Assad Rebels

But of course! You thought Trump was being truthful about putting our interests over Israel's? Bwahahaha!!

Translation of below: The US will continue it's support of radical jihadists in the effort to do to Syria what they did to Libya. Trump learned from when John D. Rockefeller's hired PR advisor told him to hand out dimes to kids. All this palling around with the working men and soldiers, propaganda. Good for business. He doesn't care about you. Bibi's father brought him over to…


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Ann Coulter to Libs: Remind Trump Supporters He Breaks all His Promises

Ann Coulter

They won't, of course. They cheered him on once, when he bombed Syria, but they didn't realize yet that he is with them. I think Kavanaugh was all theater. Look how it turned out. He went straight to the liberal side on abortion. Maybe Mueller is theater too. What problem can the left and the globalists have…


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The Alt-Right Declares War on Trump for Betrayal on Immigration, Opposes Reelection

From Russia Insider

Jeez, finally! At least someone isn't getting on all fours and biting the pillow. Electing this Ziomaniac was simply a way to stop the worst case, Hillary and World War 3. I didn't vote, and never have. Because I haven't seen anyone worth voting for. The Republicrats will not save you. Time for real change, or go…


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Bayer / Monsanto Launches Aggressive Glyphosate Marketing Campaign

Link to video:


It IS funneh.

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Jimmy Dore - Mueller Investigation Over - No New Indictments Recommended

I do NOT support 90% of Dore's positions, and he doesn't support 90% of mine. Very much so. However, I arrived at being an armband-wearer by engaging in an objective search for truth, so I give credit where credit is due, when it is due. By way of for instance, here, doubly so. Enjoy!

Dore - Mueller Goes Out With A Whimper…


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Who Killed Winter Kills?

Short docu about how the production and distribution were hobbled, and all the weird things that limited this film's impact.

It is a most excellent movie as to being an example of how power politics really works. Haven't seen the uncensored director's cut yet, but I plan to. John Huston, Anthony Perkins and Jeff Bridges star. In the vein of The Parallax View with Warren Beatty.

Who Killed…


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Attorney Sues SPLC for Destruction of Career

On Russia Insider

Should be a class action. A veteran, by the way. He was targeted by the SPLC for some kind of wrongthink.

I have to say, though, that conservatives made this very bed they're lying in (I am that other N…


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"Destroying the New World Order"



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