Who really is behind 'Russia Today '?

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Who really is behind 'Russia Today'?

By Matthew D. Jarvie
September 24, 2009
Dissecting the New Age

Russia Today has gained huge popularity over the past year among followers of the "alternative" media. While RT does feature news pieces about topics not regularly discussed in the American mainstream media, for a while I have wondered why the Russian media would have an interest in things pertaining to the New World Order, such as the manufactured banking crisis and the reality behind 9/11. After all, hasn't Russia several times called for a New World Order and a one world currency?

Russia Today is sponsored by the state-owned Russian news agency, RIA-Novosti. Novosti was, and still is, essentially an arm of the KGB. Many believe the KGB ceased to exist with the fall of the Iron Curtain, but those who know better understand that this just isn't the case. The Soviet system was never abolished, rather moved underground. The KGB simply changed its name and is now called the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation).

It is important to remember that communism was born not out of Russia, but the operational centers of the international banking elite who work primarily out of New York and London. Communism was sicced upon an unwitting Russian people to create an antithesis to the thesis of capitalism, and a bogeyman that has been used to push a fascist/totalitarian globalist agenda. The people of the West could never know that the real enemy existed within, so the global elite used Russia as their scapegoat by funding the rise of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Many people still believe that Russia exists outside of globalist control, but nothing could be further from the truth since Russia has been under the control of the bankers since the 1917 revolution. It is simply Russia's purpose in the dialectic to appear as a looming threat to "western democracy," when it is controlled by the same people who control the US and the rest of the world from behind the scenes.

Communism was designed to have the appearance of spreading outward from Russia, to eventually ensnare the world in its proverbial net. The supposed fall of communism is one of the biggest ruses in modern history that was perpetrated on the people of the world by the globalists. While communism was once used as an overt threat (bogeyman) to bring us closer to global governance, it has since been transformed into a covert threat to carry on the same agenda as everyone looks to the Middle East as the latest manufactured threat to "world peace." The goal has been the eventual creation of a global fascist system that would be the synthesis of capitalism and communism, resulting in a system that is neither of the two but rather completely new altogether, called the Third Way.

So it's quite obvious that Russia has played an important role in the rise of the New World Order. It has served as an outside bogeyman, a beta testing grounds, and an operational base for the deviants seeking to bring about their world totalitarian state. One of the objectives of Russia's KGB (and the CIA in the US and MI6 in the UK) was the infiltration of Western media (on behalf of the globalists) -- the goal being to demoralize and soften up the people, making them more malleable and open to the "change" offered by their controllers.

In the mid-80s, researcher G. Edward Griffin interviewed Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov (aka Tomas Schuman), where he discussed, among other things, the process of demoralization and the media being integral to achieving these goals. Bezmenov himself worked as a propagandist for Russia's Novosti -- which served to produce false news stories -- and was well aware of the techniques used for manipulating people's thoughts and opinions.

People must realize that all effective propaganda contains large amounts of truth in order to be convincing to its audience. It's how the information is presented and spun that determines the outcome.

Is it possible that a news network such as the Novosti-controlled Russia Today serves a purpose that is the same or similar to what the so-called "Truth" Movement serves? What if the ultimate goal was not to inform and educate, but rather demoralize so people will be more likely to accept a solution that's offered by the same people who created the problems to begin with? While it is true that many people have "woken up" in recent years, we must ask ourselves what it really means to have "woken up." How many people that have woken up to the rampant corruption behind the Federal Reserve and the truth behind 9/11, really have a good understanding of the bigger picture and how it relates to the Hegelian dialectic? I would say of the people who have "woken up," few have an adequate understanding of how the system really works and therefore are more likely to accept a phony "solution" to what they see as a system that is broken and beyond repair (which it is).

Even the Western mainstream media has given credence, albeit little, to alternative viewpoints pertaining to 9/11 and the banking crisis, which tells me there probably isn't too big of a concern among those at the top about this information getting out. Otherwise, why would people like Alex Jones be given guest appearances on networks such as FOX, CNN and others?

I have expressed the belief in numerous previous articles that the Truth Movement is controlled opposition being steered and directed without the knowledge of its participants for the following purposes:

* To marginalize and discredit the truth and independent-minded truthseekers with sensationalism, wild antics and bogus rumors.

* To incite people to act out of fear through violence, creating an order out of chaos situation that plays into the system's agenda.

* To lead people into another false paradigm where they are unable to see the big picture and look for non-existent solutions within the system.

* To break people down and demoralize them with constant fear-mongering, so they are even more easy to manipulate and deceive.

People often retaliate against criticism of the "Truth Movement", saying things like, "You don't want the truth to get out." Of course that is nonsense, and I ask those of you making these accusations: When have popular movements ever not been controlled? If people want the truth, they're not going to get it being blind followers of a movement or self-proclaimed "leader," or adherents to a particular outlet of information, be it the "alternative" media or otherwise. People need to do their own research and start looking into things for themselves. Just because someone purports to be a proponent of the truth, does not mean that truth doesn't come with a hidden agenda or serves the sole purpose of informing people.

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Comment by Maria De Wind on February 15, 2014 at 12:10am

@ Suzie : It is already gone

Comment by truth on January 6, 2013 at 12:58pm
Comment by truth on December 23, 2012 at 10:04am

Russia Today: State-Funded Propaganda Masquerading as Alternative M...

Russia Today (RT), considered a member of the alternative media, receives its funding from the Federal Budget of Russia as allocated by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. This means that RT is state-sponsored television and therefore would be slighted to the propaganda machine of globalist agendas as set forth by the Russian government.

In 2005 – 2006, the Russian government invested $30 million in RT which has been given autonomous non-profit status in order to further muddy its ties to the Russian government.

Comment by Less Prone on August 22, 2012 at 2:09pm

It is good to have several sources of information, better yet, conflicting sources. There are several versions of reality based on different agendas. As the reality will never be completely exposed to us we have to form our opinion based on the sources of information we have. Our conclusions will be true or false based on this. I don't often fix my opinion entirely but rather leave a door open for conflicting information, in case I have made a misjudgement. This way the things are not black and white, but rather in shades of gray. Some things that I have seen with my own eyes, like the controlled demolition of WTC1, 2 and 7, I have fixed and there is not much chance to change my opinion on these. There are other issues fairly well documented that I'm rather sure also. It is good to remember that anyone telling anything can have a hidden agenda. Critical thinking, yet open mind, are the keys to knowledge and wisdom in this world of lies and deception.

Comment by Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 on July 15, 2012 at 8:21pm

I think that a kind of collective mental shift have happen between the Russian people and The American People....For many years Russians where living under a communist dictatorship and because of it, Their people have learn to appreciate freedom and embrace it, I know that they are not perfect and have a lot of social and internal problems as every county and most societies do, But Russians as many other nations around the world came to admire deep inside the Freedom that The Americans use to advertise worldwide during the 60s, 70s and 80's, and I know that America have never been a real free country but they did advertise the Idea That they where pretty well by movies and it's own media.  and today more societies as the Russian one have a genuine desire to follow that Idea of a truly free Democratic republic society that value the rules and laws and the acquisition of wealth and prosperity for it's citizens . In The US the effect have been different specially among the wealthy ones. The Elites in the US have seen how a power like China can put million of people to work as slaves in their factories and have decide to embrace that model and pushed in to it citizens as to the citizens of those countries they invade and occupy  ...That is why today most people around the world hate The Americans and more people are looking at The Russians as The Good guys regardless of the troubles they have in their new Republic. Russians also are better educated and more intellectually oriented than the American people who happen to be obsess with been better than anyone else regardless of how dumb they may be and to have more toys and more cable channels to entertain themselves than becoming educated and more open to question what is going on or to any critical thinking....That's how I see it ! ..and yes I enjoy way more Russian today News and many other alternative new medias agency not only from the US BUT from other nations as well than the mainstream American ones....Is sad but The American mainstream media make me puke....There's no way I will ever watched but to see what kind of crab they are putting inside most Americans brains and laugh about it or cry about it as well ! KGB or not KGB I rather watch TR NEWS any day than the Crap The CIA is putting on our people head by controlling our mainstream media....at least The Russians are not afraid to talk about 911 as an inside Job as The American ones do ! ...and to me that's matter a lot !  

Comment by Cryptocurrency on June 7, 2012 at 11:37pm

Yes and no. The alternative media gets it right most of the time. Of course do your own research. We all know that. Far as Russian free speech television is concerned, it's far more complicated than you can express in an article. There is a much deeper psychological aspect to this that leads to a desired rationale: if Russian Television allows for free speech and American media doesn't, what does that say about freedom of speech in America? Rhetorical question.

You could right a book on why Russian Television reports real news mirroring alternative media while the U.S corporate media is probably the most sophisticated propaganda machine in history. My issue is with people letting paranoia get the best of them thinking that anyone with a voice is controlled opposition. This is what happens when bad guys stroll into town. Good guys step up to take down the outlaws. It's not a complex conspiracy it's natural order.

According to some idiots (I'm sorry but they are), everyone in the movement that has made a name for themselves is controlled by the elites. Successful in the alternative media? Oh, then you must be a Bilderberg goon. Problem is, people can't imagine being that successful themselves and they read some article written on the web usually by some no-name and they swear it must be true lol. I seriously grow so tired of this...

I could go on for hours but eh...

The smart ones already know and the paranoids and morons are lost in there imaginations so what's the point? Rhetorical question.

Comment by suzie on June 7, 2012 at 12:47am

some of the best stuff i have read in a long time .. here is the G. Edward Griffin interviewed Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov who knows how long it will be on youtube...   brilliant  your amazing James ;)

Comment by Harry Thomas on June 3, 2012 at 6:51am
Good read, good points
Comment by Meriem K. Peillet on June 2, 2012 at 10:21pm

Yes, you are pretty right and as you wrote it: People need to do their own research and start looking into things for themselves...

Comment by Lex Truther on April 1, 2012 at 5:43pm

Well written. Pensive and concise. Many thanks!

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