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Does it seem to you that every step of the way for America is Check Mate for the US when it comes to China? Why is that? Could it be that our country has been thoroughly infiltrated and compromised by Communist Chinese spying, pay off money, and theft of copyrights and patents? Let’s look at some of the ways that China compromised America from within. Democrat, Diane Feinstein, of California had a Chinese spy on her personal staff for 10 years? Democrat Congressman, Eric Swalwell, sleeps with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy who funded his election campaign and who he invited into the upper echelon of the California Democrat Party where she collected even more intelligence. One Ivy League of many universities who tried to keep a Chinese student who was a Communist spy agent from being deported by the federal government. That person was collecting intelligence on US technology and sending it to China.

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The level of compromise

There are billions of dollars every year of patent and royalties owed the US and western companies that China refuses to legally acknowledge. Why? Because we have allowed them to. Does this have anything to do with the fact that Joe Biden’s family does millions in business and international money laundering with China? Does the fact that Mitch McConnell, Speaker of The House, has a Chinese wife who is heavily invested in Communist China’s maritime shipping industry? These are individual examples that are bad enough but the corruption is more wide spread than this. We have a federal and state level governmental system that has been paid off and no one is being prosecuted for what amounts to treasonous activity with the enemy!

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No answer no guts no backbone

These are the actions that have been the prelude to being “Bitch Slapped” by China when a spy balloon can cross over into US air space from Canada, who did nothing about it, to fly over 4,000 miles of the territorial continental US with no response! Why? Because the weak kneed, compromised, Biden Administration was afraid to take action against a Communist intrusion upon our soil! It doesn’t get any worse than this when an enemy that is the greatest existential threat to the US and many of its allies can blatantly commit an act of surveillance using a primitive method of overflight as if to say “In your face!” And there is no response other than the delay of a meeting between the heads of state of both countries? Antony Blinken, like general Milley, and other Pentagon officials who studies Critical Race Theory and recommended it to our troops should be fired! Milley, who actually said that had President Trump ordered a first strike against China who would have informed his buddies in China? It seems treason runs rampant on Capitol Hill.

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Spineless leadership

This is exactly why, Communist China, can get away with Bitch Slapping the US with no worries of retaliation!  This why a nation that the US had been helping since World War II against its enemies has been allowed to rise in power and challenge the US for global supremacy and regional domination of the largest oceanic trade routes in the world. If you bother to connect the dots the “Domino Effect” is in full play here as not only would US capitulation or defeat lead to our downfall but Taiwan, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other neighboring countries would end up on China’s conquer list. The world could then be held hostage by China’s control of oceanic South China Sea barge traffic, LP shipments, and other supply chain shipping. To date, the sold out media of the US mainstream news networks have applauded the Biden Administration’s “Paper Tiger” response to China’s unacceptable incursion over our own air space, but, you see, with a thoroughly immoral and traitorous Democrat Party influence, we in America remain helpless in the hands of fools.

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