URGENT - California is trying to ban AK's, AR's, other rifles and some shotguns.

NOTICE: We won this battle. Our war with the gun banning lefties will continue.

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Sometimes we get it right, Troy. The rest of us just have to gang up on the lefties.



  Keeping in mind that Eric 'The Holder' Holder just got busted with trading thousands of heavy gauged sidearms and bigger to drug gangs in Mexico, with ammunition, and Bush41 has been doing this 'Fast and Furious' business since 1952, it is a cinch that banning these weapons would leave California citizens defenseless against ever increasing armed attack by street gangs. This would be foolish for America but consistent with The American Bar Associations ties to the ambitions of their home base, The British Lawyers Guild and their patron, the Rothschild bank. In other words, the California legislature is trying to scam the overthrow of the California government to be reestablished as a ward of Britannia, who is ten times GDP in debt. California is a great asset when properly managed and at peace. Correct me if I am wrong. I am not wrong about this. Though the Brits would try to convince you that it was not intentional, like HAARP, blowing up the Deepwater Horizon oil well or the WTCs or Fukushima, which was done by their proxies. Bush41 could tell  you more.

 It was a bad idea.

We're not out of the woods yet. This one is in process.

New California Bill Proposes Tracking Ammunition Sales

Legislation requiring law enforcement notification of ammunition sales of more than 1,000 rounds was introduced by California state lawmakers on Wednesday.

The proposal would require vendors “who sell, supply, deliver, or give possession of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to an individual within any five day period to report the transaction to the local law enforcement agency where the individual resides within 24 hours.”

Additionally, the bill would outlaw the sale of devices capable of converting an ammunition feeding device into a large-capacity magazine, commonly called “clip kits”.

California state law does not requiring tracking or reporting of large-quantity ammunition transactions.


This ammo bill is supposedly in answer to the mass shootings. The answer to mass shootings is concealed carry and shooting back.

What these idiots don't get is that 1,000 rounds of ammo is not a lot. It's a normal purchase for someone who practices as they should.

Criminals will always get whatever they want, since they don't care about laws. These stupid bills would just give the gang-bangers and criminals an advantage over honest, law abiding citizens. This is totally nuts, unless this is an Agenda 21 stealth population reduction plan. IMHO, the legislators should lead by example.

I absolutely agree with you, David. Sen. Yee is sneaky. He gutted the original SB 249 at the last minute and made it much worse. We noticed.

There are lots of people all over the state watching to be sure that no one sticks a gun control measure into another bill as an amendment. We're ready to respond.

I am expendable. My grandchildren are not.

On a lighter note, here's one of the ads against SB 249:

nice flier if i would of got to this earlier i could of been more active in my support :-(

what time on thursday and will there be more people the capitol is just 15 min from me id like to try to make it



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