131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint In Malawi;Bill Gates/Health Freedom Alliance

131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint in Malawi

Submitted by Lois Rain on July 18, 2011 – 11:45 pm9 Comments

The Gates Foundation has long been in an aggressive effort to vaccinate the world and often targets poor Africans. The Gates’ web site showcases Melinda Gates applauding Malawi for enforcing vaccine programs with its helpful “health surveillance assistants.” She calls Malawi one of the few countries “on track to reach the UN Millennium Development Goal.” And who are those assistants meeting the goal? Hyper-vigilant medics with help from police.

Bill Gates calls the vaccine-autism link “an absolute lie” and in a February CNN interview said, “the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts – you know, they, they kill children.” But as we can see from the recent actions from governments who partner with his foundation to forcefully implement vaccine programs, it could very well be the other way around.

Malawi Voice recently reported that about 131 children from Nsanje were vaccinated with anti-measles at gunpoint last week. They had fled from previous vaccine mandates into nearby towns, but after officials learned they had returned, medics along with police escorts tracked the children and forced them to vaccinate.

The children belonged to Zion and Atumwi Churches and parents took them into Mozambique to hide from officials with vaccines. It is unclear if those churches prohibit the use of vaccines, but a Malawi man with a Seventh Day Apostolic faith found himself sentenced to two year’s imprisonment for refusing to let his three children receive the measles vaccine. He did not believe in going to doctors or receiving vaccinations. Police said that they believed one of his children died from measles and he was charged for “endangering life by failing to supply necessities of life to a person under one’s care without lawful excuse.” According to a penal code. He pleaded for a light sentence because he cares for orphans, but the charges stand.

The Gates have repeatedly emphasized their goal to vaccinate every child on earth and it is clear that children and parents have no say in the matter. These families may have fled the vaccinations because of information, witnessing its harmful effects in others, religious beliefs, or hunches. Maybe they know it’s Bad Medicine or a modern version of smallpox blankets. A damaging, ineffective toxic cocktail.

Whatever the case, they had no choice. The Gates banner says “Human Rights! We come generously bearing good gifts of health and peace,” take the gifts or else…get shot?

It is also clear that the Gates applaud and support this type of force. Either way, the children get shot.

Every month,11,000(!) of these health surveillance assistants spend three weeks providing health care (vaccinations) and information and one week in the rural health clinics. “And they also make sure the vaccinations happen: not just at the village level, but all the way back through the system.” Melinda Gates said. [emphasis added]

That they do, with guns and needles aimed and loaded.

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This Guy Gates is one of Satan's minions,an Elite,who thinks he can do anything he wants.
I'm not sure what is missing in these people's heads that make them think they are everyone's savior when in fact they are doing Satan's work. I just cannot fathom why? We are all Gods children,so what is it to him anyway--Karmic payback is a bitch,and I have my own to pay--would not want to be in his shoes


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