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The first image from the Magnometer. It does not show the transmitter activity. It is a scientific instrument for sensing in Earths Magenetic Field.


The Russians did not say that Elenin was under artificial control. That came from Sorcha Faal which means its fiction.


The projected path of Elenin on that site is not smooth because its new. They do not have absolute ephemeral data yet. 


NASA always makes dramatic pictures and badges for Shuttle Missions. It gets peoples attention and represents the goals of the missions.


If you want to know what the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer does don't wonder, look.It is not an anti-gravity machine. Its magnetic field is more powerful than the Earths, not Earths gravity.


The escape velocity changes with the diameter of the object, not just mass. You can't do linear math to calculate like he attempted. It fails.


The movie is fiction. You can't tell anything from it. Gravity won't end because of a solar flare.


Faults open up all the time. And its been happening since way before even when scientists say life began.


Earthquakes happen along fault lines. No surprise.


Pole Shift is about reversal of the Earths Magnetic fields, not the Earth itself flipping over.


Lots of Space Shuttle Mission Badges have something that sections them into six parts because most of the missions carry Six Astronauts.

Watch this for sanity:


Thanks for the clarification Arch,sometimes us uninformed don't know what the whole or part of something is true or not. Glad we have intelligent folks here,thanks
The hysteria began with this paper.

The author was trying to prove a connection between Earthquakes and astronomical alignments. Elenin was included because it did nearly line up in one plane with the earth and other planets at the time of significant quakes.

That is very, very far from proof that Elenin was the cause.

The other big part that provoked Hysteria is this article from Sorcha Faal claiming that the Russians said it is under intelligent control.

Look what that source has to say about their articles.

"Some events depicted in certain articles on this website are fictitious and any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Some other articles may be based on actual events but which in certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes. Certain characters may be composites, or entirely fictitious."

The only information at this site you can trust is the external links, and even there they are known to link to other fiction.

These two things were taken up by PlanetX Froot Loops and put through their demented minds. They decided that the Comet must be a black dwarf or black hole because obviously it must be massive if it is causing Earthquakes, but its too hard to see if it were not a compressed mass.

And conspiracy believers all over the web ate it up like Halloween Candy adding their own paranoia one after the other.

I myself am a believer in Conspiracy, but I learned to discern the difference between Foolery, Hoaxes, Red Herrings, Hysteria and the real truth.

When you see the extraordinary also look to the skeptics. The NWO is real and Elenin is just a small comet.


I guess my question is Arch what the hell is the magnetometer for ? Yes i know its to measure our magnetosphere.Kind of odd that it would have that much power.I just don't trust we are getting all the information in this our free society. Why is the question a lot of people are asking. Arch it is really up to guys and gals like you that need to put some info out there for people that don't know any better. They can't see out there and they don't want to know. A lot of folks are not interested in looking or finding the truth. I on the other hand want to topple this elite group that has infiltrated every facet of our lives. We trusted our Government and all we get is information where most of it is fiction,then again there is much out there that is very true. Our Government has hidden so much shit from us and lied to us so much. Given us poisonous food water and air to breathe. I'm just sick of it you know? I realize the hysteria out there but people just do not know what is true anymore,is that not so? I will still keep plugging info if it will wake people up. That's important to me. Thanks again for the truth on this shit,i will pass it back so maybe these people can clean their act up. Peace


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