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Every-time i learn of an event and have thoughts on them, this is where they are going. My blog.. (weird to say for me...) I am reserving for my past identities and doings.

This (like this right here) right here however will be my Day to day as I see it, through my eyes (have a nice trip?). Seriously though, you will have the opportunity to see the world around me as I do, as "they" have trained and honed me to see and interpret it.

This is the analysis of current events by a mind that has been freed from,

"The bounds of modern slavery".



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The GOP Debate run by ABC was a counter Trump operation... Manipulation for the masses and the post debate interviews verify its efficiency. It always has been easier to sway a crowd than sway an individual.

So, WHY is it... That we give the president ALL powers over our troops, bypassing the safeguards that were put in place by our founding fathers in the Constitution?

NOW Rubio... wants to give the president ALL powers over trade with , bypassing these very same safeguards.

Spread the word..

Btw, he just tweeted:

Death threats against #Russian political activists are a direct attack on freedom of speech #expressionNOToppression https://t.co/NBDQEErE7l 12:06 PM Feb 05

Uh oh.... Where did my edit go? Can I not speak of treason and Rubio?

Traitor Marco Rubio and Communism..

OK, here goes another try, don't exactly know what happened to the original..

So....I am basing this off of his recent tweet and the US CODE. This tweet spawned me to write Marco Rubio off as a Commie TRAITOR. Now understand, I was already aware of the issues regarding his eligibility to run for president. In case you didn't know, he is an anchor baby, mommy and daddy are not american.. and nuff said 'bout that.

-----Here is a recent tweet from Rubio (and posted on his website:www(DOT )rubio.senate( DOT)gov/public/)----

Death threats against #Russian political activists are a direct attack on freedom of speech #expressionNOToppression https://t.co/NBDQEErE7l 12:06 PM Feb 05

He is mixing Apples and Oranges....Right?

"Russian Political Activists" is just another term for "Russians/Russian sympathizers on American Soil". Now, I am no lawyer but this "political speech event" is there to push Russian Politics on American Soil. That my friends is an act of treason by non-citizens since they can be rightly labeled "traitors". This is due to them being against the ideology that our founding fathers put in place for this country. It is a threat to the very fabric of our country.

Now that is a threat to the fabric of this nation, its government. I understand that the human factor has corrupted the system we have now, but to say that we should abolish the very idea of America and Liberty is just insane. Maybe not if you are a communist, then liberty and freedom are terms that you will never understand. You call your country "Mother" because it gives you everything it can, not everything you need. That pretty sums it up for me, I enjoy being able to determine where i live and how.

SO they are traitors, if they are even Americans to begin with. Traitors and treason are a deadly mix considering the punishment for treason during a time of war (which we have been in forever) is death. Its time for a good lynching if you ask me, color plays no role unless it is the color of their souls we are referring to. Hang em high I say.

Now Senior Rubio learned of Mother Cuba from his Mother, Caretakers and everyone else involved in passing this hot potato anchor baby. Even the sheer curiosity that drives us all growing up that leads us to our individuality and identity drove him t research where he was from. Since he wants to bring communism to the Unites States, aides and abets the spread of communist propaganda and uses our constitution against us, I hereby declare: Marco Rubio is a traitor during a time of war.

Mind you I am not racist, I am an American and a furious patriot. That said, HANG HIM HIGH! We can reuse the rope and save all the money we would have to spend on privately owned prisons that favor the rich.

Wake up people, this is the freedom of generations to come we are talking about here. Take action.




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