After Herald Catches Prison Guards Running Child "Fight Clubs," State Attacks Reporters

After Herald Catches Prison Guards Running Child "Fight Clubs," State Attacks Reporters

No amount of government PR can erase the images the Miami Herald published today. Investigative reporters Carol Marbin Miller and Audra D.S. Burch obtained stomach-churning video of Florida juvenile offenders fighting one another after being groomed as attack mobs by state guards. Scores of surveillance videos show groups of teenage boys sucker-punching, stomping, and beating up other kids, breaking noses, eye sockets, and a host of other bones in the process. The Herald uncovered tales of rape, molestation, children beaten to death, and a justice system that let almost every guard involved walk free without consequence.

In response, the state Department of Juvenile Justice released a statement

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The State protects its own, cops can kill with impunity and never have a problem, how long before snipers start popping up all across the country, these cops think they are in the clear but you know someone will start popping them left and right.

omg!   the people  had  better wake  up  and   overthrow the   corrupt govt/justice  farce  before   the "purge'  becomes reality. this is   utterly  disgusting. the parents  /families of those    harmed    must    sue   and     resort to vigilante  justice.



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