Al Sharpton: KNIFE CONTROL Comes Next After Guns (Video)

Al Sharpton tells listeners to this radio show that KNIFE CONTROL comes after guns.
Via Radio Equalizer:

From the video:

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Al the Geek,

What if we ban negro's, I bet the numerous killings in this serfdom would go way way down. You wouldn't have to worry about knifes or guns.

Actually he is correct, though probably not in the way he was fighting for. You see, Gun control was in effect there and it DID NOT WORK. Time to do away with gun control, because doing the same thing is THE problem. Increasing "it" (gun control) as is being proclaimed by many "stars", and by Obama, etc will just make it worse. Not only that, but putting a limit on CC or the types of guns we can use (as militaia - we are to ahve access tomilitary grade weapons, and as many as we can afford) is illegal, and perpetuates this type of tragedey even more.

These people are so delusional, they think reality is the fantasy land of their minds own creation. They have no concept of cause and effect.

The REV Al --is a monger for publicity- one chooses to use tools that give a bang for food and then use a tool to slice the meat so one can eat then that is correct -BUT to use it for other perposes ten you have a problem. I also believe in defending myself. People NEVER remember the rules out there-#1-Never Ever take a knife to a gun fight. #2- when  in doubt go to rule #1/ if you  have a problem with this then dont use any. When you give up your rights then you have nothing. The gun problems are started by people who dont want it around. Remember G;loria Stienem? she was all for womens rights and now you cant find her and she got married but she was fronted by Rockefellers. So take a look at what is going on here-This is all funded. Remember its all smoke and mirrors and slight of hand. Do you want order out of chaos? When driving a wagon there has to be someone hold the ropes- When one gets out of the halter one will see the country side for what it is .Right now all we see is what we know.To help horses stay on the road or track they use BLINDERS. -so the horse doesnt see what is going by or where the apple orchard is. All he knows is the tug of the rope and what he sees at his feet---- Sharpton doesnt even raise a fair arguement. Remember GOD IS IN CONTROL. no-matter what-

"The REV Al --is a monger for publicity". I agree Ed. He is such a traitor to those he supposedly is crusading for, the black, minorities and the poor. He is nothing but a sell-out whore to his masters, period. Martin Luther King Jr. is probably rolling over in his grave everytime that Sharpton uses his name to promote his vile BS! 

I think right after knives it will be baseball bats.

Al the Geek,

why don't we ban hospitals, they kill over 80,000 people a year?  why not ban cars, they kill many more then guns each year.  Mexico has banned guns and look at their deaths from guns.  Guns and knifes do not kill, people kill, it some of the instruments that killers use.  outlaw guns and governments will kill you it's a fact

Wrong! There wont be an after gun control, so there Sharptong

LOL one night I took Ambien to go to sleep and woke up in jail .. They said I walked into Wal-Mart with a sword. I thought I was just going to bed. We do live in a police state and I for one avoid all the humans that I can... I went on a 32 mile kayaking/camping trip and the coyotes inspected my camp and left me alone ... the wild hogs left me alone because I gripe too much out loud lol ... But the idiots at the Sabine coal mine water department were throwing stuff in the water in an attempt to scare me or something ... Long story short .. the animals know you're there and will not bother you, but humans will bother you if they know you exist.

to be reposted at cobbnewsandtech thanks. good stuff

After knives it will be rocks.

After the rocks comes the tree limbs and clubs....then guess where we'll be??



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