American tourists doused with acid in Marseilles, one suspect arrested

American tourists doused with acid in Marseilles, one suspect arrested

Published time: 17 Sep, 2017 14:14

Two American tourists are receiving hospital treatment for burns after being attacked by an unknown female at the Saint Charles train station in Marseilles, who hurled acid at the group of four young women.

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September 17 at 1:49 PM

PARIS — French prosecutors are not investigating the acid attack on four American women in Marseille as an act of terror.

Throwing acid in people faces is not terror it's a sign of love obviously.

Yes, it's now typical in the metropolitan areas of France to be greeted mystery women (never described in detail) - but always known to the authorities) who will fling hydrochloric acid at you, on either side of the face, instead of the traditional 'la bise'.

Run the comments on the above link through a translation engine, if you don't speak French.

The French know the score, like everywhere in the West, the Govt , the MSM and the police hide or suppress the truth.

When this type of attack is going on weekly, whether its in Europe or the USA - which appears to be coming - then folks will be be confronted with the reality of the situation.

Then they will have to make the choices of - fight, submit or die.

Nothing spells love like acid. If you disagree you're racist.

Wow. Acid as in acid. I thought it was LSD.

No, that would get you arrested.

At least muslim rape is still legal in Europe.

It's cultural diversity - and it 'makes us strong'...

Who the collective 'us' refers to is never explained...

Anyone hazard a guess?



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