here's sum audio on b00bt00b that discusses alot of shit, I mean alot....BUT, there's a portion on here where they discuss the correlation clusterfuck between Reagan, Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley, The Beatles, George Harrison's Murder, Hillary Clinton, the Fake Paul McCartney, Yoko-bozo & G.H.W Bush..., at least listen to the part starting at about 1:30:00 till bout 1:50:00......I knew I fucking hated these british pricks for some strange reason....W0W, just fucking W0W

Connecting the dots ;)

(PS: dunno why this carry's on for 12 hours, but it's only actually about 2 hours and 20

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my old band wrote a song about these hippie bastiches....

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck the Beatles

of course this was before Georgey bit it but after Lennon sucked it



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