March 1939
"The war now proposed is for the purpose of
 establishing Jewish hegemony throughout
 the world."  – Brig-Gen. George Van Horn Mosely
The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939

Signed photo of Adolf Hitler set to fetch up to £20,000 at auction

His name is used as a swear-word
by every Jew and c@cksucker.
Yet, had he held back from storming
into that war-trap set up for him
in Poland by the Jew Rothschild
banksters, he could have carried on
as the most respected statesman
on earth – his name spoken next
to that of Jesus Christ, into whose
step he faithfully followed, when
he expelled the bloodsucking
money-changers from his country's
culture, economy and body politic.

Some five years before his
victory in the 1933 election,
the Jew Rothschild banksters –
with their vast Jew espionage
and subversion apparatus –
went with a fine comb through
every word he ever uttered –
and found that he is a man
of his word – and a would-be
German Chancellor who fancies
himself not as another Bismarck,
but ... another Frederick the Great.
It's not out of goodness of their
Talmudic hearts that they decided
to fund the Nazi Party.*

The Jew Rothschild banksters
delay-started WW2 in 1919,
at Versailles, as well as by
bankrolling the Judo-communist
coup d'etat in Russia in 1917.

For all its bastardry, Versailles
alone wasn't powerful enough
an irritant to unleash another
world war, even if it appeared
to be enough of a reason.

Without the deadly plague of
the Soviet Judo-communism
that, on average, was murdering
some two million of its hapless
slaves every year, the European
Christian immune reaction
in the shape of the German
National-Socialism would not
have been produced – and
WW2 would have never
eventuated – and the Jew
Rothschild banksters' Jewish
colonial project in Palestine
may have never been able
to metastasize into ‘I$rael’ –
their own nuclear-armed
‘sovereign’ apartheid regime
that, at the time, badly needed
would-be ‘Holocaust survivors’
to shore up its very thin ranks.

So if the kosher claims that ‘six
million’ Jews were ‘gassed’ are
true, then the Jew Rothschild
banksters must have thought
that it's well worth their while,
not to mention some hundred
and forty million-odd dead ‘goyim’
killed off by communism and WW2,
as well as many millions more killed
in WW1 solely for the purpose of
the Jew Rothschild banksters'
extracting from Lloyd-George
the Balfour Declaration that
pledged the establishment
of a ‘Jewish national home’ in
Palestine – in exchange for the
Jews' criminally inveigling the U.S.
in WW1 – and getting a hundred
and twenty thousand-odd
Americans killed in the war
they should have never been in.

As has been stated earlier on,
for all his thunderous declarations,
Mr Hitler was less than willing to
cross that final Rubicon of invading
Poland – and wouldn't have done so,
had he not been given the green light
by Comrade Stalin.

And, in the first place, the Nazi Party
wouldn't have won the 1933 election –
and Mr Hitler wouldn't have become
the Chancellor – had Comrade Stalin
not forbidden the German communists
to coalesce with the social-democrats,
who, between them, garnered more
votes than Mr Hitler.

Had Stalin been on the Rothschild
banksters' payroll, he couldn't have
been any more useful to them than
he actually was.  And, in the final
account, so was Mr Hitler, as well.

The defeat of the National-Socialism
in WW2, as well as the collapse of
communism, opened a wide avenue
for the filthiest usurers – like the Jew
Blankfine, the Jew neocons and such –
to assume the guise of legitimacy,
excluding from the public debate
(in the Jew-owned monopoly media)
almost any questioning of the
fraudulent ‘financial engineering’
that's robbing blind the public
at large on behalf of the handful
of parasites like the Jew Goldman
Sachs, Jew Blackstone Group et al.
(E.g, predatory ‘leveraged buy-outs’
committed with ‘interest-free’ loans.)

Unlike those Wall Street Jews,
the Jew Rothschild banksters,
the Jew Warburg banksters and
most of the rest of the fattest
Jews remain so much in the
shadow that, for example,
the very fact of the Jew Rothschild
banksters' trillions of dollars-worth
of ill-gotten assets is kept as secret
as nuclear launch codes – and
not without a good reason, as
those Jew banksters perpetrated
infinitely more mass murders
than all of the barbarian invaders
of the Dark Ages taken together.

And by now, they merely moved
their mass murder rackets (largely
on behalf of I$raHell) to the Third
World, as well as to the American
ghettoes and fly-over States that
furnish them with cannon fodder
in the shape of GIs and Marines.

Although, by now, this may well
be little more than a ‘patriotic’
Wild West show, compared with
the ongoing multi-trillion-dollar
daylight robbery of the ‘dumb
goyim’ at the hands of the Jew
neocons and the Jew banksters.

For example, a vial of insulin
that costs only $36 in Canada –
costs around $340 in the U.S.

Would the American diabetics
be forced to pay a veritable
daily ransom for the privilege
of staying alive, if it weren't
for the Jew Big Pharma and
the Jew-owned Congress?… 

Had the six million Jews in
the U.S. been gassed, would
the American diabetics still be
forced to pay such criminally
extortionate prices for insulin?…
Are all diabetics anti-$emitic?…

The human cost of insulin in America - BBC News 
"Diabetics in the US are rationing insulin – and dying." 

* The Brüning Letter – discovered by David Irving
If Mr Hitler was so contrary to the Jews, why did
the Jew Rothschild banksters fund the Nazi Party?…

(Chancellor Brüning's letter) 
"From October 1928, the two largest
 regular contributors to the Nazi Party
 were the general managers of two of
 the largest Berlin banks, both Jews,
 and one of them the leader of Zionism
 in Germany."
  – Dr Heinrich Brüning
                        German Chancellor (1930 - 32)

The Jew Rothschild banksters left
nothing to chance: their top agents
in Berlin, one of them Gedalya
‘Georg’ Kareski – one of the
"general managers of two of the
largest Berlin banks" referred to
by Dr Brüning – was one of the
go-betweens at funding the Nazi
Party from as early as 1928, quite
likely handing on their generous
donations to the Gauleiter of Berlin –
that is, to Dr Goebbels himself.

How Hitler Defied The Bankers - by Rosemary Pennington

One or two little quirks…

Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude 
Some faint print…

Lloyd George's Impressions of Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told 
If time allows, scroll down to Mark Stavrakos' comment on banksterism

Adolf Hitler protected his Jewish former commanding officer

The headline says it all

The myth of Hitler's survival: it is long past time to put this rum... 
The headline says it all, except that the Jews are cashing in  as a matter of course.
Saw Hunting Hitler  with ex-CIA Robert Baer?…  Give it a miss!

Suicide on ‘suicide watch’…
Jeffrey Epstein dies of suicide ahead of his sex trafficking trial ... 
Clinton crime family off the hook once again, as well as lots of other crooks,
as well as the Jew Mossad – or else, how did this ‘suicide’ come about?…

Wall Street On Parade

Jeffrey Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents
Suggest May Have Received a Secret Federal Reserve Bailout
The headline says it all
With Three Felony Counts Already, Did JPMorgan Chase
Really Need to Own a Ship Carrying 20 Tons of Cocaine?
The headline says it all

Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts
of US Assets, Sending an Ominous Signal
Did the Yanks outlive their usefulness?…

Where the Jew Rothschild banksters thrive
"Britain is most corrupt country on Earth"
"The City of London, together with Wall Street,
 is the world’s biggest ‘launderette’ of drug
 trafficking’s dirty money."  – Roberto Saviano
                                                   anti-mafia campaigner

Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World
By Nicholas Shaxson

Gigantic Wealth Transfer Coming…
More Debt = More Power for Central Banks
The headline says nearly all

Feast of Fools - by Lewis H. Lapham
"How American democracy became all about the rule of money"

A perfect false flag 1995
OKC Bombing: The Forerunner to 9/11

If the premeditated Jew assault
on the crew of the USS Liberty
tells you all about the habitual
barefaced High Treason on the
part of the Jew-Ess government,
the Oklahoma City Bombing tells
you something about the bolts
and nuts of a treacherous mass
murder by ‘your’ government.
As in 9/11, the backstabbing
principle behind OKC Bombing
was patently Talmudic:  give
the green light to self-identified
anti-government jokers deemed
competent enough to succeed
with their deadly prank – and get
the explosive power of their bomb
multiplied hundredfold – a vile
atrocity born in the brain of a
Talmudic Jew, as that ‘fertilizer
bomb’ alone would have killed
no more than a few – having
only blown out the glass,
not the whole façade.
It takes a Jew or a Judo-Mason
to forfeit the life of the countless
‘goy cattle’ as deliberately as that.
And the OKC Bombing was ‘so good’
that this orange-clad No 1 joker went
to the execution chamber reciting
a self-deceptive little verse – totally
ignorant of the ‘great service’ he
rendered to the Jew-Ess government.
(The third man may have been
sighted on a flight to Tel Aviv.)
The Jews and the CIA have been
laughing their arse off – and looking
forward to 9/11.
With the collapse of the Soviet
communism, they badly needed
new ‘long-term enemies’ – and
unlike the sporadic, haphazard
and agent-provocateur-ridden
‘domestic terrorism’ with its
English-speaking suspects,
the utterly alien ‘radical Islam’
fitted into frame like nothing else.
That's exactly why the Jews and
the Jew-Ess government had them
radicalized, in the first place.
And nothing radicalizes a people
like mass destruction, mass murder
and mass exile.

From Tom in the States :
I got to visit the Murrah OKC building
in the late 1970s, shortly after its
completion.  I was working for an
electronics company installing the
data comm equipment.  The State
Police gave me a grand tour of the
building and bragged it had been
designed to withstand a 5-kiloton
nuclear blast in close proximity
AND that it was the regional fallout
shelter!  Now, 1000 pounds of
fertilizer ain't 5-million pounds
of fertilizer...

Gregor Strasser, Gauleiter of Munich and Bayreuth
(1925 - 1929)
Fell foul of Hitler, executed in 1934 along with some eighty four others

From BuelahMan in the States :
So, was Hitler playing the jews for money
or were the jews playing Hitler for control?

One sentence in a letter from someone
[Dr Brüning] who obviously served the jew
(Weimar Republic), loosely used to prove a point,
lacks completion.

I contend that Hitler knew who he was getting money
from (jews) and loved the idea that he could use their
money to form a cohesive strategy to get rid of the scum...

I've read Mein Kampf.  I don't think it was less than true.

Yes, you've got it quite right, except
that there is no reason to doubt the
veracity of Dr Brüning's evidence.
The source of his information was
quite obviously the Prussian police.

While there is no slightest proof
that Mr Hitler himself knew
anything at all about the Jew
Rothschild banksters' money,
it's extremely unlikely that
Dr Goebbels could have kept
quiet about it, as he would
have run the risk of some
very damaging allegations.

As to Mr Hitler's allegedly
“serving the jew” – that's
an absolute impossibility,
when it comes to any
conscious intent on his part,
except that, as we know
by now, that's more or less
what actually transpired.

The Jew Rothschild banksters
played him like a fiddle.  And
it's not an exaggeration to say
that he was their chosen tool –
chosen since 1928 – and not
picked in a hurry, either.

Compare him with Gregor Strasser,
for example, the most prominent
NS organizer in northern and
western Germany.  He was known
to have led NS workers out
on strike along with the communist
trade unions on a certain occasion.
(They say Hitler in Munich was
screaming "Treason!" )

The Jew Rothschild banksters
couldn't have possibly counted
on Gregor Strasser to invade
Poland – or to purge the OKW
of non-compliant generals,

to begin with.

And remember why the Jew
Rothschild banksters brought
about WW2, apart from their
usual interests in compounded
sucking of blood:

a) Inflicting a demonstratively
crashing defeat upon the ‘goyim’
patriots in power, for which
purpose, of course, they had to
set them up in power (in 1933),
in the first place.

b) Establishing their own Khazar
Jew apartheid of Judea/I$rael –
and using the resentful German
patriots for pointing it out to
the small-time Jews that their
game in Germany is up
(and that ‘vacant’ Palestine
is awaiting them).

And it's not at all a coincidence,
either, that, in 1919, Poland –
at the time, a country severely
afflicted with the largest horde
of the mangiest Khazars – was
set up at Versailles as a war-trap
by the Jew Rothschild banksters.

Poor old Poland had to be
destroyed utterly, so that a
fair number of those tribal
Khazars could be mustered for
the Jew Rothschild banksters'
not so legal ‘racial resettlement’
in Palestine – stepping over the
dead bodies of some Brits in the
process.  (Poor old Palestinians
are not to be envied at all.)

And, of course, Mr Hitler was
just the man for the job.  As you
may have heard, among other
things, he presented some of
his military guys with the books
of Karl May, a 19th-century
German writer of penny
dreadful novels about the
Wild West's Indian wars,
where the noble Indian
  Winnetou was
the main protagonist...

Evil tongues say that he even
advised his generals to look
for ‘object lessons’ in
the Indians' war tactics...

    Karl May
The Cowboy Novels That Inspired Hitler
The headline says it all

"The Polish Jews are the smeariest of all races."
      – Jew Karl Marx

NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation - by Michael Aydinian

Unless enough people demand the truth –
and are in a position to demand it sub poena
under pain – why would the Jew banksters
(and the mass murderers in their employ that
govern us) ever allow for any truth to emerge?…

Truth would only bring them a lethal injection.

Purpose of Forever Wars - Michael S. Rozeff
"Successful forever wars are the rackets that bilk
 taxpayers on and on and on, without ever ending."
Neither the Jews nor their I$raHell ever mentioned.
Look at the faux Russian  name of the author:
the smartest Jews always lie by omission.

Hajj, 7th-century-style pilgrimage to Mecca – in Yehudi Arabia…
Australian Muslims are joining international calls to boycott the Hajj  
Muslim boycott of Hajj: How can we go when it enriches Saudi Arabia? 
Boycott Saudi. Boycott the Hajj. Boycott weapon sales … -
Muslims growing brain cells – bad news for the Jews?…

Six million Euros more for another Holoko$t memorial

Zes miljoen extra voor Namenmonument slachtoffers Holocaust - AT5
They stuck it in the midst of residential streets, no public debate was allowed…

Armenian Genocide - Jew Wikipedia
You are not allowed to call it a Holocaust
because Armenians are ‘goyim’ (cattle)
and the Turks, unlike the Jew-occupied
Europeans and Americans, are yet to
forfeit their sovereignty – and volunteer
to be blackmailed and extorted for the
crimes of their WW1 Dönme Jew rulers.
The very well known example of the
massive Jew Holoko$t rip-off and
ongoing political racketeering may
well be the heftiest factor preventing
any justice being done for Armenians
by the wary Turkish government.
Even the political recognition of the
very fact of the Armenian Genocide
was for many decades blocked by
the Jews in exchange for being
allowed by the Turks to train their
Jew pilots in the Turkish airspace
for the airborne Jew war crimes.

Russia carries out 9/11-like false-flag attacks against
its own citizens to justify invasion of Chechnya
by Timothy Fitzpatrick  – Not new, but still true
‘Advanced Western democracies’ largely avoid
accusing Russia of false-flag terrorism – and,
in return, no such accusations – such as those
related to 9/11 – emanate from Russia, either.
No doubt, a gentlemen's agreement  was arrived at
by the KGB and CIA in this particular regard.

Illegal guns scourge a target for cops | The Canberra Times 
Australia has 260,000 illegal firearms in circulation 
The Americans have more unregistered, yet legal firearms
than there are Americans, successfully preventing countless
thousands of murders and race hate-motivated executions,
as well as millions of other crimes, which a trillion-dollar
police force couldn't have managed in a thousand years.
In Australia, however, even off-duty cops are as defenceless
before home-invading ‘refugees’ as the rest of the punters.

Campaign to remove illegal guns from Victoria
They just forgot to mention that all
gun crime in Australia involves drugs,
and that it's the patently corrupt
drug prohibition policy that creates
lucrative ‘business opportunities’
for gangsters, especially those
who compete with the ‘old timers’
who pay for ‘protection’ – and
profit from the ‘drug enforcement’
that keeps up  the drug prices…
And that's what the whole sorry
charade is really about –
keeping up  the price of the shit.
But why do the cops themselves
still need to carry guns, when
a whole arsenal of non-lethal
weapons is now at their disposal?…
Perhaps because Australia is still
an assemblage of penal colonies,
where murder of civilians by
uniformed Judo-Masons is still
reasonably kosher.

Melbourne police officer Timothy Baker acquitted of murder - The Age 
The scumbag murdered a motorist
for the ‘crime’ of talking back to him.
His Judo-Masonic bed-mates delayed
the murder charge by two years, then
they went shopping for a judge, and,
between the hearings, they hid away
their fellow murderer in a mental
asylum, then picked the ‘acquittal
jury’ – and never allowed for the
verdict to be appealed, either.
So one uniformed murderer was
backed up by a whole battalion
of accessories after the fact –
and that's what still passes
for justice in this Judo-Masonic
penal colony of Victoria.
And the other day, the same
poisonous scumbags commonly
known as Victoria police, again,
for a thousand and umpteenth
time, ‘secretly searched’ my unit –
for no other purpose than that of
leaving a deliberate tell-tale sign –
apparently, on the orders of the
Pratt crime family, a bunch of the
mangiest Mossad Jews that really
own Victoria police – and are
at the top of Australia's rich list.
Not so bad for putative ‘Holocaust
survivors’, who, purportedly, just
about missed being fashioned
into putative Jewish lampshades.

Rest In Pieces, United Kingdom - PravdaReport 
Interesting article on Bojo and Brexit


François Boulo: Why the Yellow Vests want "RIC" - 2:52
"RIC" – Citizens-Initiated Referenda

Video – The Beatles on the Jews
''Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion''
- 0:33

[Apologies for the 'opportunistic' use of the swastika
 and the lightning bolts in this picture.]

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