It has been exposed rather prematurely that on the anniversary of 9-11 approaching this year in 2011, the BBC will be doing a Conspiracy theory hit-piece calling all 9-11 truthers paranoid cult members.


This has been cleverly exposed by Australian MAX IGAN in his recorded Skype conversation with ex- UK truther and Love Police member Charlie Veitch.


He arrogantly calls 911truth the Church of Conspiracy Theory. Whilst I agree that some forums can be like that. *cough* RTR *cough*, the unique parallel with everyone is that the official version is a steaming load.  Charlie here no longer thinks so. Charlie thinks 19 arabs with boxcutters and questionable piloting skills out manoeuvred the entire NORAD grid.




The sad thing that is at the whole centre of this is that the BBC payed for him to be flown to America and who knows how much cash he has been payed to say this.  What price is Charlies soul worth?



From the content of this audio we can expect to see a massive smear campaign against 9-11 truthers this anniversary..



This comment summed it all up:

Has he no shame? People like Alex Jones, guys from WeAreChange, Corbett, PressForTruth and many others welcomed him into their movement, called him over into their shows, they trusted him, helped him get out of the prison in Toronto, supported him, and now he calls their movement occult? conspira-noid? religious? laughing at their loyalty to the cause?

Did he forget what group of people actually practice the occult? I am disgusted with this remorseless piece of garbage

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I cant say fully in this comment section exactly how I feel about this... I spent all yesterday feeling betrayed and today Im moving on to prepare my response to his nonsense in time for the BBC garbage when it hits mainstream.

"The reason the sun never sets on the Empire is that God does not trust the British in the dark."

How on earth can he say there´s no evidence for an inside job.?The American Government throughout the 20c have been proved through unclassified documents to have used "false flag"situations  as a pretext for going to war with another country.Why should 9/11 be any different?

Dear oh dear, what happened to him ?  Thermite IS used in demolition. It is ABSURD what he says !

I don't understand where all this 'hatred' he is getting is coming from since he just changed his mind and no one can hate him yet !

Sounds like a pre-prepared speech well rehearsed !

Yep, Charlie  lied like a dog. The only revelation he experienced was cold hard cash being wired to his banking account.


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