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Bill Clinton Whopper: 'Half of All Mass Killings in the U.S. Have Occurred Since the Assault Weapons Ban Expired in 2005'

By Tom Blumer

While it's not exactly news when former President Bill Clinton fails to tell  the truth (after all, the first count on which he was impeached concerned his  lying under oath in grand jury testimony), a whopper he hauled out at the  Consumer Electronics show last Wednesday concerning gun violence was so over the  top that it deserves far more notice than most of the establishment press will  give it.

One of the reports on what Clinton said was at Thursday  morning's New York Daily News. As an aside, the paper's online article  looks more like what one would find at issues advocacy blogs than what you would  hope to see at a real newspaper's web site; this particular item pleads with  readers within its text to "CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE DAILY NEWS ONLINE PETITION TO  BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS," and the petition itself appears below Kristen Lee's  report. Lee relayed what Clinton said at the Consumer Electronics show on  January 9:

Former President Bill Clinton pushes for stricter gun control during  Consumer Electronics Show speech

Former President Bill Clinton was a surprise guest on Wednesday at the  International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where he seized his  opportunity to make a push for greater gun control during a speech about  technology.

“I grew up in this hunting culture, but this is nuts,” the Arkansas native  said. “Why does anybody need a 30 round clip for a gun? Why does anybody need  one of those things that carries 100 bullets?”

... During Clinton’s speech on Wednesday, the former president seemed to  favor reinstating the federal assault weapons that expired 10 years after he  signed into law in 1994.

Read more:  http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2013/01/14/bill-clinton-who...

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Hill Billy has completely lost his marbles.

He didn't get the nickname 'Slick Willie' for nothing. I truly believe he is like so many other pathological liars who tell so many lies, that they can't keep up with all the lies and start believing their lies to be truth. The sad part is, so many people still think ole Bill was such a great Prez and hang on every word he says. If they only knew...



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