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TODAY: Call TODAY! Stop the DARK Act!

Dear Supporter,

Right now, as you read this, lobbyists for the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) are swarming Capitol Hill in a no holds-barred campaign to convince your Senator to vote against your right to know whether or not your food contains GMOs.

If your Senator hears only from Monsanto’s lobbyists today, and not from you, you could lose the right to know—permanently.

Please call your Senator’s office right now and ask him or her to oppose H.R. 1599, or any federal bill that would preempt states’ rights to require labels on GMO foods. Text  "DARK Act" to 97779, or dial 888-897-0174 now.

When you call, be sure to point out that you know that proponents of H.R. 1599 are intentionally misrepresenting the facts about this bill. Tell them that you know that the bill’s proponents are telling Congress that this bill provides a “uniform federal labeling standard.” Then tell them that you also know that this is not true—H.R. 1599 only provides a voluntary standard for non-GMO labels. As a consumer, tell your Senator that you believe food companies should be required by law to disclose GMOs, especially now that the World Health Organization has classified Monsanto’s glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.

Phone calls work better than emails. Please text "DARK Act" to 97779, or dial 888-897-0174 now.

Monsanto and the GMA are desperate to push this bill through the Senate before the end of the year. Because if they don’t win, food companies will have to comply with Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law on July 1, 2016.

If they do win, Vermont’s law will be dead. So will laws in Connecticut and Maine.

Even worse? The FDA will never be allowed to require pre-market safety testing of GMO foods, much less require labels on those foods.

H.R. 1599 passed the house on July 23, by a vote of 275 – 150. On October 21, the Senate will hold a hearing on biotechnology and labeling.

You can be certain that Monsanto’s lobbyists are giving your Senator an earful today—will your Senator also hear from you?

Please call your Senator’s office right now and ask him or her to oppose H.R. 1599, or any federal bill that would preempt states’ rights to require labels on GMO foods. Text "DARK Act" to 97779, or dial 888-897-0174 now.

Yours could be the call that changes your Senator’s mind about the DARK Act. Please don’t miss that opportunity.

Thank you!


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Yep! There's 'a whole lotta hoaxes' having taken place; for sure!

As someone else said: "Don't fight the media; become the media".

Its like "crowd-funding" - There are 6,655 members, here at 12160 and, if each member were to pass this (our) information onto just one, of our personal contacts; we would be reaching that much more.

I'm always trying to encourage my family and friends, to take a vacation from the main-stream media - and to try visiting someplace different, ha, ha.


95 State Lawmakers Say 'No' to DARK Act

95 State Lawmakers Say 'No' to DARK Act

GMO labeling is more than just a fad. Over the past several years, more than 70 bills have been introduced in more than 30 states, by state lawmakers who want GMO foods labeled.

Monsanto and Big Food, though they say they have nothing to hide, are intent in preventing or repealing those state laws—so they can continue to hide the fact that their products have been genetically engineered, or contain GMO ingredients.

This week (October 7, 2015), 95 state lawmakers from 21 states issued a joint letter asking Congress to reject H.R. 1599, Monsanto’s bill to preempt state and federal mandatory GMO labeling laws. (The bill passed the House on July 23).

In a press release, Maine Rep. Michelle Dunphy (D-Old Town), said:

“H.R. 1599 is being deceptively sold to Congress on the mistruth that it will address consumers’ concerns by establishing a uniform federal standard for GMO labeling. In fact, H.R. 1599 would preempt state and federal mandatory labeling laws and instead establish a voluntary, government-run program for labeling non-GMO foods. States have historically held the right to pass food safety and food labeling laws, and Congress should not undermine that right just to protect the biotech industry.”

In their joint letter, the lawmakers wrote:

HR 1599 would undermine the existing rights of states to pass food labeling laws; it would undermine the efforts of the thousands of people working to create basic transparency in food labels in their states; it would undermine the rights of consumers to basic information; and it would undermine the concept of a free market based on truth and transparency in labeling.

Read the letter from state lawmakers

Read the press release



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