*LIVE* Pennsylvania Senate Public Hearing

 on the 2020 Election Fraud

He can only use court cases from Oklahoma.
Preferably the 10TH District.

"Uncorroborated Testimony"

The person making the claim is the:

If the prosecutrix's testimony is:

There must be corroborating "PROOF" that the defendant committed the crime.

Some claims were impossible.
Med exam could corroborate, with Valerie's ( Ex Wife )testimony, but Valerie has already been proven to lie in court, and waited 8 days to go to doctor.

Valerie stated she reported the crime on the 4Th, in direct contradiction to documented police reports of the 8TH.

Valerie stated that she kept the victim home from school after the disclosure of the alleged incident which is in direct contradiction to school records.

Med exam didn't "SEE" posterior hymen, but could not say it was a sexual assault. ME did state that a sexual assault would have caused bleeding, which there was none, documented by vic's unwashed under garments.

None on bed where alleged incident took place or couch where other alleged incident took place.

Prosecutions theory is that multiple violent rapes, in multiple locations, produced ZERO DNA.

DNA search produced DNA from consensual sex acts of consenting adults.

J4P Needs court cases showing that a missing Hymen is not corroboration or proof of intercourse is not corroboration, corroborating evidence must link directly to the accused.

Anything that may assist with this appeal error.


Current Cases being studied:

*Holding V. State, okl.Cr., 568 P.2d 332 (1977)
*Blanton V. State,okl.Cr., 357 P.2d 332 ( 1961 )
Foster V. State, Okl., 308 P.2d 661 (1957)
Law V. State, 92 okl.cr,444,224 P2.d 278 (1950)
Roberts V. State, 87 okl.Cr.,93,194 P.2d 219 (1948)
Hamrick V. State, 85 okl.,50,184 P.2d 807 (1947 )
Howard V. State, 79okl.Cr.,247,153 P.2d,831 (1945)
Weston V. State, 77okl.Cr.,51,138 P.2d 553 (1943)
*Woolridge V.State,97okl.Cr.,326,263 P.2d 196 (1953)
Cambron V. State, 86okl.Cr.,505 P.2d 888 (1948)
Holmes V.State, okl.Cr.,505 P.2d, 189 (1972)
*Bryant V. State, Okl.Cr.,478 P.2d, 907 (1970)
Haga V.State,okl.Cr.,422, P.2d, 221 (1968)
Woodruff V. State, 74 Okl,Cr.,289,125, P.2d 211 (1942)
Alcorn V. State, 70 Okl.Cr.,386,106 P.2d 838 (1940)
William V. State,61 Okl.,Cr.,396,68, P.2d 530 (1937)
*Lancaster V. State, 79 Okl.,Cr.,395,155 P.2d 548 (1945)
Dewitt V. State, 79 Okl.,Cr.,136,152 P.2d 284 (1944)
Johnson V. State, 52 Okl.Cr., 397,5 P.2d (1932)
Exparte Ledington, 18 Okl.,Cr.,53,192 P.595 (1920)
*Woodruff V. State, 74 Okl.Cr.,289,125 P.2D 211 (1942)
Cape V.State, 61 Okl.Cr.,173,66 P.2d 959 (1937)
Ferbrache V State, 21 Okl.Cr.,256,206 P.617 (1922)
Douglas v. State,19 Okl.Cr.,257,199 P.927 (1921)
Sowers V. Territory, 6 Okl. 436,50 P.257 ( 1897 )


WOOLRIDGE v. STATE, 97 Okl., Cr., 326,263 p.2d 196 (1953)

Louis V. State, 92, Okl.Cr.,156,222 P.2d 196 (1953)

*Doc exam showing no injury to Hymen is not corroborative.
What are the details of the discussion?
If possible, copy & paste entire discussion in comments, with personal summary, or link to where the discussions can be copied & sent to J4P.


Harmon V. Territory, 9 Okl. 313,60 P.115 (1900)
Sowers V. Territory, 6 Okl. 436,50 P. 257
Intercourse not being corroborative evidence.


Johnson V. State, 84,Okl.Cr.,368,182 P.2d 777 (1947)

States that if prosecutrix testimony is improbable, corroborative evidence must me used.


Foster V. State, Okl.,Cr., 308 P.2d 661 (1957)
Williams V. State, 68 Okl.Cr., 348,98 P.2d 937 (1940)
*Miller V. State, 65 Okl.Cr.,26,82 P.2D 317 (1938)
Prosecutrix 8yrs old

These above cases were reversed due to insufficient evidence. What was the evidence that was insufficient and called a reversal?

The lines of communication between Charles Dyer and the community are now open.

Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot's physical address is:

Charles Dyer
1200 South Main Street
Fredrick, Oklahoma, 73542

You can send him postal money orders, just make sure that you address them to him, and sign where it states "Purchaser's signature", for the person who purchased the money order.

With that being said, you can also write to J4P right here in this thread, if you so choose. You can write him an open letter in the comments, and it will be copied and sent to him word for word.

Send him words of encouragement, words about current events, local events or anything that you want him to know.

Thank You!

>>>>Snaps Crisp Salute



Could you ensure that "CERTAIN" members with agendas inimical to Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot not be allowed to get this thread locked or erased.

Specific references to Mysticstar, Walfred,  Rick Light & ......

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