There are a lot of theories floating about regarding the Ebola situation.
Is it real or a false flag op?

My vote goes to a false flag based on a manufactured 'reality' (thank you MSM for your objective patriotism!!!) ... as Rahm Emanuel is is often quoted; "Never let a good crisis go to waste." That wasn't a brilliant 'revelation' on his part ... it was a clear statement confirming a tactic used over and again throughout history.

Ancient Shamans used natural disasters to frighten the people into serving some deity, one that they, and they alone, could intervene with on behalf of the people. In more modern times people generally know more science ... and therefore would be less likely to buy into the notion that 'angry gods' are wreaking havoc among the people for their disobedience because of a volcano, hurricane, drout or other natural phenomena.

And as a side note: Man-made technologies (i.e HAARP) can manufacture calamities that in older times would seem like punishment from the 'gods'. But they can still herd people ... with salesmen like Al Gore and his cadre flaunting false science, for instance.

The Hegalian Dialectic (Rahm Emanuel's statement) is the modern order of that method of 'herding' a populace through fear of the unknown. Create a problem, let the public panic ... then offer the solution (which you already had prepared) for a "price".

Ebola, with a 70%+ mortality rate, is something to legitimately fear ... any idiot can do that basic math ... and anyone with even a room-temperature IQ could put together the equation that "close is bad" ... "away is better" when something as dangerous as Ebola is presented; Would you leave your door open to a pissed off racoon? ... If you have any sense at all you certainly would not.

Basic human nature is to defend one's own home & safety. Who would not do so in any way they could?

So with Ebola rampant in West Africa the logical response would be to close the doors to contain the problem ... both externally and to limit it internally. "Katie bar the door!"

Yet it surely appears that, on 'politically correct' grounds, the door is being left wide open to the threat. I'm all for compassion for the sick and dying ... but I can't see how it helps to open the door to MORE sick and dying.

The White House and CDC (add FEMA and DHS to the mix) response has been counter-intuitive to basic logic and also time tested safety protocols. It has been to literally invite a crisis consistent with Rahm Emanuel's re-stated advice to those who want to seize power and control.

Personally I cannot accept that entire systems of government are so entirely inept and incompetent. However I do know that those same departments are controlled by their management which is issued policy by the highest levels in government ... i.e. the White House ... well, maybe just Valerie Jarret since OB is usually preoccupied having a gay old time chipping his balls somewhere green.

So let me offer a scenario that seems to explain such perceived incompetence: The Obama administration is faced with multiple scandals ... Democratic candidates are running scared from being tied to the "White House stench" ... polls reflect strong trends that the Democratic Party could be eviscerated in the 2014 mid-term elections.

George Bush Jr to the rescue ... leaving BO with the ability to declare a national emergency (at his sole discretion) ... and in doing so seize most natural resources, and infrastructure ... and also to suspend elections.

Might the Ebola scare be the 'trigger point' to make sure that the coming mid-term elections, that would sideline Obama and his handler's objectives, get cancelled under a "presidentially-ordained" national emergency? The timing and apparent incompetence suggest that as a viable possibility.

Get Off It and Get On With It America!

if you want a clean election outcome in November. Watch, listen and record any sign of voter fraud or intimidation in November.

The Republicans may not be much better than the Democrats these days (i.e. John Boehner) ... but anything that can put the brakes on the social and economic carnage wreaked by Obama and his crew of followers will at least buy some time for more common sense to prevail come the 2016 elections.

Justice will eventually prevail and the arrogant thieves of liberty, prosperity and truth will meet their just ends. Just like at Nuremburg, the guilty will eventually dangle on a rope, or rot in a well-deserved cell with lots of time on their hands to THINK.

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Ok... you had my attention until you stated, "George Bush Jr to the rescue." To me, the left/right paradigm needs to become obsolete. Both Republicans and Democrats do not represent 'We the People' any longer. Most of the lot of them are liars, thieves, leeches and murderers, beholden to the banks and corporations. They don't represent me or any freedom loving individual. So why should we keep electing these idiots? It's insanity!!!

So... if justice prevails, we will wipe the slate clean of them all. And then maybe one day we will be able to resuscitate the Constitution and start anew.

My point exactly, Tara ... as you said "Both Republicans and Democrats do not represent 'We the People' any longer." So, that being so, George Jr layed the foundation for OB with a 'presidential order' allowing him to do so. That is the essence of the falsity of the left/right paradigm ... thinking they are different ... much less in cahoots! It's like a relay race passing the baton to the next runner.

Our team ... their team ... what a bunch of BS unless the only concept of 'reality' one has is based on baseball, football and hockey ... there is a republic and it's good people at stake here!

Right on :)


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