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Unlike some other titans of consumer tech -- namely, Apple and Amazon -- Facebook has a vast wealth of data about all of us but relatively few credit cards.

Facebook's $1 messages: One more way to get your credit card

December 21, 2012 4:00 AM PST
(Credit: Facebook)

Facebook, which began the year with a reputation for caring more about its users than about making a buck, is ending the year with the rollout of yet another way to try to squeeze more money from its members.

This latest money-making effort comes with a revamp of its popular Messages service -- that part of Facebook through which you can message/e-mail your "friends" and, in fact, those who aren't your friends. What's changing -- and a spokesman describes it to CNET as a "small experiment" -- is that Facebook will start charging some people for messages they want to send to people they're not friends with.

The $1 cost seems steep just to shoot someone a message, but no matter. Facebook will surely drop the price if no one uses it. But the bigger point: This latest "test" shows that Facebook, eager to prove to Wall Street that it's building a cash-generating empire, is looking for more ways to add revenue streams not tied to advertising and, importantly, is trying to get more user credit cards on file.

(Credit: Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET)

Unlike some other titans of consumer tech -- namely, Apple and Amazon -- Facebook has a vast wealth of data about all of us but relatively few credit cards. Most of the credit card numbers it has -- a number it won't disclose -- it's accumulated from people who play games and pay up for virtual items. But that's far from enough for Facebook's ambitions.



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Facebook 'cashing in on mums-to-be by selling information about due dates and babies' genders


"In reality, we wouldn't share your information in a way you wouldn't want ... The trust you place in us as a safe place to share information is the most important part of what makes Facebook work." -- Mark Zuckerberg, FUC*ING LIAR!!

LMAO  DTOM you rock...  btw I knew it was coming James. GREAT post. Hopefully my clueless fam won't take the bait. But you know how that goes... Baaa, baaaa,baaa, ooops, HUH????

good luck with that scam FeceB00k 

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Zuckerburg is going to get his butt put into prison if he keeps on coming up with stupid ideas like this.  I am going to let me friend Robert know about this.   In fact I don't have ANY credit cards!    

You think so WTRH? and who would put his butt in prison?

LOL. Best comments I've read in a while.  %#$@ing  %#$@book money grubbers.



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