Not sure how many of You are familiar with the Secured Party Creditor status, but I thought I would offer a site where You can gain more information.

Basically You move from a debtor position, where You are chattel, into a position where You are a creditor, as a flesh-and-blood Human.  This gives You great power against the order-following bullies, even the power to fine Them huge amounts if They arrest (stop) You on the street and do not do certain things...

For more, contact the People at that site.  They are very helpful! 

Here's some vids to help get a picture of what becoming a SPC (Secured Party Creditor) means, from YT channel:

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 I read a lot about the Common Law, it does piss off the elite when its used.

 Oh and by the way got a great video about to go online, soon.....:) you will love it....:) Swastikas was found in Tribal America Indians, areas, they date back 10,000 year or better, and in the Book of Enoch, the Swastikas appears in Egypt, and when the Tribes of Dan went to Israel a old old Swastikas were found.

 And to even thing that the Tribe of Dan became lost or replaced...that was a FUBAR...:)

As for the video, the man that fought the banks spoke out against the Khazar's of the British for taking over Palestinian Land 5 years before WW2 took place.....:) and a drum roll please the Swastikas are also found in Palestinian Land...:)


Yes, the swastika is a very ancient symbol, a good and positive one, but the psychopaths in control have sullied it - as They have all other good and positive things.  They make "good" the ghastly things.


Seeing as how the Nazis did NOT genocide the Joos (though now we know for sure we'll either have to, or continue to march into the killing chute), and sought to smash Communism,  and DID end the Fed in Germany, and stopped animal experimentation, and meant to close all slaughterhouses in Europe, and almost every German citizen loved their ruler Hitler (because he saved them from starving and being out of work), I'm fine with the modern Swastika.

(and some still think Hitler was a Rothschild agent, BWAHAHAHA!!!)

 Germany did kill 1.5 million Rothschild Jewish supporters. In return they murdered over 70 million German Jews and Christians. To enforce the NWO banking fed concepts.

James Roberts, why do We need to lower Ourselves to killing Others?  Prove We are the beasts the psychopaths at the top say We are?  Why take Their bait in yelling "it's the jews!!!?"  There are many "jews" who are not part of the problem, and that cry was promoted by Them to divide Us further, and give Them a "victim" card.  That card works because the psychopaths at the top are "jewish."  But it is not because They are "jewish" but because They are psychopaths that They are on top.

And the reason "jewish" psychopaths are on top is because the "jewish" psychopaths were at the right place at the right time in history to seize monetary control, inbreeding to retain the psychopathic gene, and passing the wealth/power down to psychopathic heirs.

Had the eskimo psychopaths been in the right place at the right time, the cry of "it's the eskimos!" would be heard.

Hitler was an actor, part of the play, where They convince Us to be the animals They say We are, killing One anOther.  They think that if They can pay Others to do the killing, it is not Them who are the animals...

I would rather get free energy out.  That way We do not have to stoop to Their low and unEthical point to get what We want.  "They" - the One in control - are really very few.  Once money (in ALL forms) is removed, They will have nothing to pay Their armies and strong arms with - the Few who actually remain loyal (psychopaths rarely remain loyal unless They are paid in some way They can't get otherwise for Their "loyalty") will be vary few, too.

We need free energy FAR more than weapons.  As long as there is money (making the bulk of Us slaves), psychopaths WILL be promoted to the top of society, and WILL buy strong arms and armies.

AS - Read up on the Pictet Experiment. It's most definitely a path to free energy. As is Nikolai Kozyrev's work (using the energy called "time").

There are MANY experiments, most hidden and suppressed, that prove free energy is there to be had.  My father worked on electrogravitics which was offering gravity control and energy from the aether.  That has been in black projects since 1959.

Germany had the best idea, for money, it was based on a community need as a nation. Their currency was not backed by gold or silver, is was based on the value of the needs of the people and homeless.

Why do We need to account for Our energy in the first place?

Huh, say what, you know the George Washington, built his own currency,  independent from the  British banks, and as I reflect back it looks in perceptions, perfect of what Hitler did, Germany.

Dumping the British banks...

Like Da!!!!!!!!!!

Money accounts for Our energy added into the community/system, whether trad, barter, and on up to electronic bits.  I ask, why do We need to account for Our energy - with tech making Human energy nigh worthless, and all...


"Destroying the New World Order"


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